Stomach Bugs and Slumber Parties

I woke up Saturday in the WORST pain ever.

Kyle was out of town and I had no clue what was going on with my body.

Well apparently, I has a stomach bug, and this was my first one EVER!

Needless to say I felt like I was dying and was extremely dramatic,

and had no one to comfort me but charley.

Here she is checking to see if I have a fever…

I felt SO bad because my girlfriend Skye and I had been planning a girls night.

Thank God I started feeling better later in the afternoon and the 

slumber party was still a GO!

Skye had to work a wedding that evening so she dropped her pup, Grayson,

 off so her and Charley could get all their hyperness out.

(just kidding their energy is endless)

Once the wedding was over she came back to pick me up so we could go grab some junk food!

I mean, what’s a slumber party without junk food and wine?!

(wine was already fully stocked at the house)

Skye had this genius idea of bringing some arts and crafts, 

I seriously felt like I was in junior high all over again and loved every minute of it.

She saw this adorable art inspiration on pinterest and of course ours was a fail…

ONLY because we had the wrong glue though!

I’m planning on finishing mine this weekend and can’t wait to show y’all the final result!

Arts & Crafts were accompanied by a ridiculous amount of girl talk and junk food.

And the night just kept getting more interesting…

Our plan was to watch a chick flick, but that didn’t exactly happen.

Kyle and I use someone else’s netflix account.

In college this guy gave us his info so we could use it, 

and well we’ve just been taking advantage of it ever since! 

Skye and I get on and start searching for a chick flick but ALL we can find

are these weird, sexual, crazy movies and TV shows…

Therefore this kid we used to know must have had some kind of weird netflix binger.

We literally scrolled through row after row and couldn’t find anything normal,

so we settled and decided to watch one of these weird shows..

hahaha oh goodness talk about WEIRDEST movie ever.

It was called Wetlands, and I definitely DO NOT recommend it.

We couldn’t help but laugh the entire time because it was so bizarre and uncomfortable.

We definitely ended up falling asleep and not finishing it.

(not mad about that)

All 4 of us hopped into bed but the pups decided they weren’t ready yet.

Which resulted in us in separate rooms. 

I’d say girls night was definitely interesting and definitely a success.

Happy Tuesday!

xoxo Monica

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  1. June 20, 2015 / 4:31 am

    That is good that the stomach bug didn't stick around — last time I had one it lasted for about three days and I was miserable. Yay for slumber parties!!

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