Weekend Shenanigans.

Top: Urban Outfitters [similar]

Skirt: Xenia Boutique

Sandals: LuLus

Bag: Tobi [similar]

Necklace: ShopMCE 

Now that we moved a little North we are WAY closer to my sister and brother in law,

and we get to see them way more often which is a MAJOR plus! 

Kyle and I had been planning on having a date night Friday

 and then my brother in law texted me asking if we all wanted to get together 

for dinner and margaritas! 

Well, DUH!

[typical photo…gotta love him]

So a double date night it was!! 

I’m going to be REAL honest for a minute and y’all can judge all you want…

because hell, I would judge too.

So there were 4 of us total…

we ordered THREE large quesos and devoured every single one before the night ended!!!! 

Of course we didn’t order them all at once…

hahaha oh my gosh we were all in shock and so grossed out with ourselves at the end of the night.
The waiter was definitely confused and probably a tad worried.
I think it’s safe to say I won’t be craving queso for a while!

My body was not too thrilled with my food choices this weekend
and I’m going to be at a beach all day Friday and Saturday so i’m thinking
about doing a little “3 day quick start” tomorrow!
It actually came with the program i’m already doing!
[you can ask me about it here > Monica.Kaase@gmail.com]

My friend Jamie and I (that I met through Beach Body) are planning on doing it together,
so that’ll definitely help having someone else keep me accountable!

What are everyones plans for the 4th?!

xoxo, Monica

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