Independence Day 2015

This weekend was spent in the good ol’ South!

Me, Kyle, Michelle & Alex all piled up in the car and headed to the Valley Thursday evening.

Kyle’s dad still lives in the valley so we always like to go visit any chance we get!

We got there super late and pretty much went straight to bed,
then got up early Friday morning and headed to the beach!

I of course had to wear this adorable USA crop top.

Top: [similar]

We got there before everyone else arrived so of course there was a photo shoot.

Please notice that Kyle stole BOTH my hat and sunglasses that I brought for the day…

The “what’s mine is yours” really does apply when you get married y’all. 

Everyone got there about 10 minutes after we did, 

and boy oh boy did we have a hell of a time!

I love love love how blessed Kyle and I are in both the family and friends department.

It’s really nice to enjoy all of these fun times together,
we’re all getting older and probably about to start families of our own so it’s nice
to just get out and do things like this while we still can!!

Hope all of you had as much fun as we did this past weekend!!
Happy Hump Day!

xoxo, Monica

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