First Official Evening in Vegas

Looking back on this outfit I totally should’ve worn my nude sandals…

I can barely look at these pictures without cringing…Oh well, Ya live and ya learn.




So, it was our first OFFICIAL night in Vegas…I was so pumped.

I had been by myself all day and I was SO ready to get dressed up and just do something!!

The lighting in these bathrooms was seriously amazing y’all!

Like someone please install this lighting in every room in my house, it’s THE best.

I made sure to take a good amount of mirror selfies before we went out,

being the only girl you really never know when you’ll be able to sucker one of the boys into taking a cute photo of you and your husband, 

and even once you do sucker them into it you really never know what the outcome will be..

Will they know to get my whole outfit? 

Will they tap the screen so it’s focused?

Do they know to take 100 and not just 1?

Will they get a few candids for instagram?

The struggle was real, but we ended up getting a decent one 😉

#couplegoals 😉

After a few photos and games of black jack we headed off to a fancy dinner.

And by fancy I mean Food Court chicken tenders…

I fully intended on having a crazy, eventful and LONG night.

Patric FINALLY arrived after what seems like 10 cancelled flights.

and we were SO excited!

Except he was definitely on the jet lag struggle bus.

During the day I scored all of us some free tickets to a night club that usually cost about $40 a person.

I was so proud of myself and couldn’t wait to go after some drinks and some gambling!

I was 2 long islands in and boy was I feeling good.

We had been hanging out in the casino for a while and I was READY to get the party started.

The boys were in the gambling zone so Patric and I decided to walk around a little bit.

After walking around Patric and I decided we would go get the boys and tell them

to take a break from gambling so we could go to the nightclub that I scored us tickets too!

We went to go tell them, and Patric and I headed back to mine and Kyles room to get the tickets.

We finally get up there and I take my heels off for a second to let my feet breathe….

and Patric decides he needs to charge his phone for a little while.

We agreed we would chill for 5 minutes then head back down….

Wellp, an hour later Kyle came up to the room to find me fully clothed under the covers passed out,

and Patric fully clothed on the other side of the bed outside of the covers, face down, passed out.


Goodness talk about a mess!

Needless to say we didn’t make it out to the night club…

But hey, it was still a fun night..

Stay tuned for tomorrows post on our pool day adventure!

xoxo, Monica

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