Map Dress Lovin’

Y’all…this was my 2nd favorite outfit the whole trip

 and i’m SO bummed the pictures didn’t turn out well!

I’ll be honest though, taking outfit pictures for my blog wasn’t exactly #1 on 

my priority list that week, BUT at least I managed to get a few!!

Dress: ShowMeYourMuMu

Wedges: LuLus [out of stock] Coral Version

The lighting really doesn’t do this dress justice, 

and I definitely wasn’t on my best posing game.

I had been eyeing this dress for months before I finally caved in & bought it.

It’s definitely WAY over my price range of what I would usually spend on a dress,

but I just knew I HAD to have it for Cabo.

By the evenings we were all SO worn out from drinking in the sun all day.

But most of us managed to get dressed and at least make it to dinner every night!


<3 <3 <3

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