Kyle and I have been nonstop lately!

I feel like every single weekend there is something going on, 

which definitely isn’t a bad thing, but SHEESH we are tired!!

A couple weeks ago my step mother in law called me and shared some super exciting news with me!

Taryn, Kyles step sister was getting ENGAGED the following weekend and it was a big secret.

So this past weekend Kyle and I headed to the Rio Grande Valley for the surprise!

We got there late Friday evening and didnt have plans until Saturday night!

We spent Saturday at the ranch with Kevin (Kyle’s cousin)

I’ve been dying to shoot my gun lately & Charley got to run her little heart out, 

so it was kind of the perfect afternoon.

We spent the afternoon outdoors at the ranch and then at the pool,

and THEN we got ready for the big surprise…

Come back tomorrow to check out the ROCK that Taryn is now proudly wearing.


Top: ShopMCE

Jeans: TJ Maxx

Booties: Zara [similar] [similar

Necklace: LavenderandFaith

Friday was spent with some of my fellow girl bosses!!

We sipped on margaritas and had some excellent girl talk…

which of course led to a very eventful night.

We started the night at Cylone Anayas in midtown 

and then ended up walking around to different bars around the area!

If you follow me on snapchat I’m sure you felt like you were with us haha

There was LOTS and lots of singing going on.

We ended the night at “Shot Bar”, 

where we spent lots of time dancing to Taylor Swift on the bar…

Yes…you heard that right.

I hope everyone has a Happy Tuesday!!!

Tank: ShopMCE (this top runs small, i’m wearing a medium)

Vest: ConversationPieces [similar]

Jeans: LuLus

Sandals: LuLus

Last Thursday Kyle and I went to dinner with his mom, nana, & papa!

It was so nice getting to catch up with them!
It was also kind of nice being the only “kids” there,
 since we’re so used to it being a huge packed table with the whole family.
 It was fun to be able to give and receive everyone’s full attention for a change! Ha!

We ended up going to Shogun and boy oh boy they never disappoint!

Family time is always  good time, super blessed that Kyle and I both have incredible families.

On another note,
I’m currently drinking/trying out a new a pre work out in hopes that it’ll give me some energy!
I have been sooooo tired & lazy lately and it is NOT okay.
I’ll be sure to let y’all know it it works and if I recommend it!
Happy Monday Everyone, make the best of it!

PS: This is currently my all time favorite hairstyle, my girlfriend Rachel did it for me a few weeks ago and I was able to master it myself and pretty much do it ALL the time now. Leave a comment if you want me to make a video tutorial!! It’s SO easy!!!

Top: BrandyMelville [similar] [similar]

Jeans: CottonOn [similar

Sandals: LuLus

Chambray: CharlotteRusse

Necklace: LavenderandFaith

This past weekend was totally all about wine.

Saturday was spent doing a little winery hopping BUT we had to stop and get lunch before…

and Y’ALL!!!

We ran into the nicest biker gang EVER and they were seriously so awesome and sweet.

One of the ladies even offered to take pictures of all of us on her bike! 

After our mini photoshoot we headed to a winery to get the day started!

And goodness was it stunning!

It was seriously THE perfect day!

Girlfriends & Wine really go hand in hand.

Top: Urban Outfitters [similar]

Shorts: ShopMCE

Booties: Zara

Necklace: Forever21

After we got settled in on Friday

 we all got dressed and opened a bottle of champagne to kick off the celebration

of girls weekend!

I brought my selfie stick and I think it’s safe to say that Claire was THRILLED about it.

hahaha this may be my favorite picture of the entire weekend.

Our first stop was Boerne Wine Co.

We all did a little wine tasting and ate WAY too many of their “pallet cleansing” nuts…

Which were ridiculously delicious by the way. I totally wanted to throw a handful in my purse,

you know like “that one” grandma you have always does. 

But I refrained.

Our next stop was The Dodging Duck…and boy oh boy did they have some good food.

I opted for one of their lighter options on the menu.

HA! Definitely wasn’t mad about this tower of nachos in front of me.
They were SO good.

It was definitely a fun night.
After eating we headed back to the house for some more girl time and a little swimming.

Make sure you come back tomorrow because I’m sharing my FAVORITE outfit!!
Seriously love love love it!

Happy Thursday Y’all!
Xoxo, Monica