Day Trip to Austin

I’m actually kind of upset about these pictures…

and REALLY debated on whether I was going to share this outfit with y’all or not.

I’m obsessed with the outfit, loved it, Kyle loved it, I mean it was great.

HOWEVER, do you ever just have one of those days where you can’t seem to take a decent picture?

Like no matter how hard you try, how many different poses you try…

Nothing seems to be working for you.

Well I was VERY MUCH having one of those days.

The outfit was so much cuter in person, and I hate my face in every photo.

But hey, such is life.

Top: BrandyMelville[ [similar]

Jacket: Topshop Via Nordstrom

Jeans: ShopMCE

Booties: LuLus 

On Sunday we made a little day trip to Austin to spend time with Kyles dads side of the family!

We got there and his Aunt Sue had THE most delicious lunch waiting for us. 

She had this amazinggggg fruit salad that I’m definitely going to need to make soon,

Don’t worry, I’ll get the recipe and be sure to share it with y’all 😉 

After lunch we did everything we could to get the boys eyes off the football games.

And we were quite successful. 

Kyle’s family is all about games and I kind of love it,

We played Taboo, some card games, and some quarters games!

and yours truly won herself $15 LOL Couldn’t take too much of the fams money 😉

I kind of don’t believe that tomorrow is already New Years Eve,

Like where the heck has the time gone?!

We don’t have any set plans yet but i’m sure we’ll be going downtown somewhere.

I got myself a sparkly little number from LuLus this year 

and I’m really hoping it’s as cute as I think it’s going to be.

Guess we’ll find out tomorrow! 

Happy Hump Day y’all.

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