Denim is my Spirit Animal.

Top: Urban Outfitters

Jacket: Target

Jeans: LuLus

Boots: Blowfish Via OnlineShoes [similar]

Kyle and I had a VERY uneventful weekend, 

we’ve been watching Lost and holy cow we are ADDICTED.

We’re on the 5th season and things are getting SO good and crazy…

Needless to say all last weekend was spent on the couch being worthless,

so we finally got dressed and ventured out Sunday evening for a little date night at Chuys.

Our waitress was seriously something else. 

I LOVE when we get waitresses/waiters that are a little different, 

it always makes date night way more interesting.

As soon as we got there she looked at me and said, 

“WELL, don’t you look like you just hopped straight out of a magazine!”

haha well thank ya ma’am! 

Not gonna lie, I questioned this outfit for a few minutes before leaving the house, but hey I went with it and it’s actually one of my favorites now, and I’ll definitely be repeating!

Our waitress was very talkative and had no shame when it came to asking us questions…

She asked if we had any romantic plans after dinner, how many pets and what kind, when are we going to have kids, how long have we been married, how old are we, told me I should wait until at least 32 to get pregnant (HA!) 

I could go on and on…

it’s people like this that I genuinely enjoy in life, 

people that are open and want to get to know you just for fun,

I could tell she was asking questions because she genuinely cared and was curious,

not just to make conversation and get a better tip.

I hope that this next year I’m more like her…

Not always so worried what people think of me, 

Genuinely ask questions & get to know people no matter where I am, 

Take a step back from my phone and engage in conversation w/ strangers,

Find the good in everyone…really everyone,

Collect moments and memories and not things.

Happy Friday, 

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