Sweater: ShopMCE [similar]

Leggings: ShopMCE [similar]

Booties: Zara

Necklace:  Kate Spade

“Anyone that doesn’t agree with leggings as pants can physically fight me. 

And i’m going to win because I have a full range of motion,

due to the fact that i’m wearing leggings as pants.”


Okay, but really. 

I know this is a super sensitive topic and everyone has a right to their own opinion.

Although I completely see why some people say NO to leggings as pants,

I always find that there’s an exception.

I mean, 

if there is any sort of camel toe whatsoever in the leggings you are choosing to wear as pants,

then you are wrong.

However, if you are comfortable with the camel showing then you werk it girl.

I’m not here to put shame on anyones game.

To me, I feel like if leggings are a certain thickness then they are socially acceptable.

Let me re-phrase that…Leggings as pants are ALWAYS acceptable, 

However, in some cases it is essential to wear a longer top…

Like if the leggings are see through when you bend over or if you’ve got a visible CT…

Or if the leggings are so thin that you can see every lump and bump the good Lord blessed you with.

Those are typically called tights…Tights & leggings are NOT the same.

Feel free to learn all about the differences at this link here.

The leggings i’m wearing above are pretty thick,

the inside is kind of like a furry fleece material.

I felt pretty comfortable wearing these as pants with a shorter top…

Maybe not 100% comfortable,

 Like I probably wouldn’t have met up with a big group of friends in a social setting,

but comfortable enough to run a few errands during the day.

One thing i’ve learned is that there’s always a time and a place for leggings as pants…

If you’re new to the leggings as pants world and are wanting to try it out,

Head over to walmart and strut your stuff girlfriend,

no judgement can come from the people of walmart, 

and I can guarantee you, you won’t be the only one in there wearing leggings as pants.

To those of you who are against leggings as pants, I forgive you.

And to those who are wearing leggings as pants while reading this, Godspeed little soldier.

Sweatshirt: Windsor Store

Flannel: Billabong via LuLus

Jeans: LuLus

Shoes: Blowfish via OnlineShoes

This past Saturday Charley turned 2!

It feels like yesterday that Kyle brought her home and surprised me with her…

But then again I can’t even remember what I ever did without her.

We didn’t do anything too extravagant…because, well, she’s a dog.

Started the morning with a healthy breakfast because she’s been getting extra fluffy lately.

Then took her to her all time favorite place – The Dog Park of course.

After that we headed to Kyle’s cousins to watch the game…

Where Charley of course tagged along, she was MORE than thrilled because 

there were lots of new toys to sniff and destroy.

I think it’s safe to say she had a wonderful birthday…

She ended the day by getting into the fireplace, which then led to a coal mustache.

So thankful for this pup <3 

Dress: PaperMoon via StitchFix

Sandals: LuLus

Clutch: Windsor Store

I am totally not the girl that can rock body con dresses,

I have a very straight body and hey that’s totally okay, 

but body con dresses really just look silly on me.

However, I think i’ve finally found an exception!

This little number came in my very first StitchFix box!

I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked such a form fitting dress,

the fit and the stripes really work in a way to give even the straightest figure a little shape.

So I was planning on wearing this dress Friday to a surprise birthday dinner,

butttttt I ended up going with a little suede number instead…

Which I will share with y’all tomorrow 😉 

Happy Monday!

NYE started out at my best friend Claire’s house, per usual.

I REALLY need to learn how to do my own eye makeup y’all,

the struggle is SO real…

like someone please teach me how to apply eyeshadow and false lashes.


 we all got ready and had a few drinks before heading to our destination for the evening,

The JW Marriott Downtown.

It was definitely an interesting and eventful night.

Overall we all had an awesome time. 

Can’t imagine ringing in the new year with anyone else. 

Holy crap, what better way to start the new year than with a HUGE announcement?!?!


I will be opening sometime in mid February and I am E.C.S.T.A.T.I.C.

If there’s one thing i’ve learned the past 2-3 years it’s that running your own business is TOUGH.

But you know what’s even more tough? 

Working from your home, with no kids, and being at home all day every day, by yourself.

Yes, to some that sounds like a dream job.

Heck, it was MY dream job!

But I’ve come to realize that I am human and desperately need human interaction

throughout the day, and no social media DOES not count as human interaction.

This was NOT an easy decision by any means…

and I would say it didn’t happen overnight..but it actually kind of did. 

Ever since bringing a few racks to this salon one weekend for a little pop up shop

i’ve been dying to have my own little space in there.

I talked to the manager that weekend and she mentioned that there MAY potentially be a space open

come April of 2016. 

Which was perfect because that gave me plenty of time to think and save

and weigh out the pros and cons.

I was SO excited but after a while it was really starting to look like it was going to be impossible.

And then God showed up the morning of NYE, slapped me in the face, 

and gave me a deal that I could NOT turn down.

So, I cried with joy, and I praised Him and I ran with it…

I signed a lease the very next day.

I am unbelievably grateful for this opportunity, Good Lord Almighty am I grateful.

Here’s to a year full of new adventures!