Top: Topshop [similar]

Vest: ShopConversationPieces (similar vest coming soon to my store)

Jeans: LuLus

Booties: Zara [similar]

Life is good y’all.

Owning an actual store has helped me grow as a person in SO many ways,

and i’ve been learning soooo much!

Gaining knowledge about being a business owner as well as learning [a hell of a lot] about myself. 

Opening my store has made me a happier person because i’m actually getting to live out what I love.

Getting up every morning and putting together a cute outfit to wear for work 

is literally what I live for.

That probably sounds insane to most of you, but that’s how MCE came to life.
Because of this little blog…
because I was SO passionate about putting outfits together
and sharing them with people and inspiring people.
Because of YOU, reading this and supporting me.
That passion and inspiration and support created MCE.

 …and although working from home and just being online was pretty cool,
I kind of lost myself and wasn’t getting to use my creativity like I am now.

SO here’s to MANY MORE outfit posts on this here little blog.
I’ve been a little MIA since opening my store but I’m back in action y’all.
Hope my #ootd has inspired you in one way or another.

Dress: LuLus

Sandals:  LuLus

Bag: Tobi  similar

Well, this past week was definitely an interesting one.
Tuesday I got into a minor wreck…
It was my first real wreck so I was absolutely hysterical, of course.
Thank goodness no one was hurt and the damage to both cars wasn’t too bad!

Meanwhile I’ve been driving around this big black truck while my car gets fixed,
I went ahead and named her Black Swan, it fits her well.

I’m currently sitting on the couch on my day off attempting to blog/relax
while Charley is clawing through the backdoor, barking like a maniac,
trying to get inside to the ATT people who are installing our new cable.
Good Lord almighty, dogs can be the worst sometimes.
I know she means well of course, just trying to protect her mama,
but if i’m honest I would be willing to give her to a homeless person in this exact moment…

In other news, my birthday is coming up!
And I’ve requested nothing more than a day with the giraffes.
If you’re new here you’ll learn pretty quickly that i’m an animal lover…
Of course if this is the first post you’re reading you may also think i’m a bit bi polar
seeing as a paragraph ago I was just talking about handing my dog off to a homeless person.

Okay but on a serious note let’s talk about this outfit I’m wearing…
LuLu’s has never failed me.
This dress is SO cute and casual but the straps on the back make it super unique and a tad fancy.
I wore this last Thursday when me and a few of my girlfriends celebrated Cinco de mayo.
We first went to a little place called Julep which was totally adorable.

after a few drinks we hit up another place and then decided to part ways.
My girlfriend Maggie and I decided to head to Kirby Ice House to meet up with our baes.
and well, the rest is history.

[Entire outfit is from LuLus, i’m a total LuLus whore and I have 0 shame]




Hey everyone!!

It has officially been a full month since the opening of my store and
I can honestly say that never in my life have I been happier.

Getting up and going to work (an hour away) every day has definitely been an adjustment.
I haven’t had a legit full time job since I first graduated college & worked for a pharmacy.
Don’t get me wrong, my online boutique was a full time job….
but it’s a lot different when you don’t have to set an alarm clock and can work in your underwear.

But i’m happy to say that even though I’m exhausted, I’m loving every minute of it.
I finally feel like myself again.
Still working on getting into a routine, but so far so good!

If you live in Houston you HAVE to come see me!!!!!
1030 W Nasa Rd 1
Webster, TX 77598
Inside Plaza Salons
Suite 101 🙂