Top: Dainty Hooligan Jeans: Similar Necklace: Pree Brulee Heels: LuLu*s

Last Friday we celebrated my sisters 30th birthday!
{a little early}
She rented out a private room at Pinots Palette
and it was way more fun than I was anticipating.
These places are byob so of course I brought bae…

We got there expecting there to be no food and there was a massive tray of chick fil a nuggets
as well as these beauties…

Therefore we were very well nourished for the class.

We painted a sunset, which yes, sounds simple..but you are all so very wrong.
Please go grab a paint brush and attempt to paint a swinging hammock & then get back to me.
God was really looking out for me in this photo, shout out to Jesus for the perfect lighting.

Once the class was over we googled the closest bar to us 

and ended up at a strange little place called Blue Lagoon.

We walked in and it was like everything including the music just stopped.

This was definitely a bar full of regulars and we were SO out of place.

BUT we ended up staying, I mean it was karaoke night so how could we not?!

Blue Lagoon definitely left us with sore abs and some interesting memories.

Happy early birthday sis! 

Top: ShopMCE Jeans: LuLu’s Shoes: Nordstrom

Happy Tuesday!

I’m in a G R EA T mood this week because Kyle & I get to go in a mini vacation this weekend.

Kyle’s cousin Corey is turning 30 and celebrating by having a bunch of friends/family 

get together and renting a house on the Frio river.

(praise the Lawd)

I’m long overdue for a vacation.

But anyways, let’s chat about this outfit.

Every single time I wear these jeans I get tons of compliments.

It never fails, people always say how cute they are or ask where there from etc.

Well, my friends, they’re from LuLu*s and the brand is BlankNYC.

They fit bigger, so size down, and i’ll be honest and admit they do stretch out a bit throughout the day.

BUT they’re really too cute to pass up.

These shoes were spotted on one of my favorite bloggers and I just HAD to get them.

If y’all don’t follow Ashley, you must go do so right.this.instant.

She is such a sweet girl and truly has the best sense of style.

Whenever i’m in a funk I always find myself looking to her for a little outfit inspo.

This top is an oldie but a goodie.

It’s from my store and I still love it just as much as the day it first came in.

I’ve always been a peplum fanatic, and I don’t really ever see that changing.

I’m sure peplum styles will change throughout the years but I just can’t see it leaving us for good.

To me, it’s just so classic and cute, to others maybe not. 

But hey, to each their own 😉

Hope y’all are proud of me for blogging 2 consecutive days in a row HA!

Who knows, maybe i’ll knock out a full week!

Hope you beauties have a great day!

Some of you may not know this, but I am a HUGE animal lover.
My main loves are golden retrievers, giraffes & dolphins.
and when I say “main loves” I mean severely obsessed,
and will usually start crying when I lay eyes on either of these…
Any type of baby animal will also cause me to start crying instantly.
But anyways, that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about my birthday and how it was the best day ever.
Shall we begin…?

I had seen a friend of mine go to this drive through safari a couple weeks before and I KNEW

that that was exactly where I wanted to spend my birthday.

So of course, Kyle being the charmer that he is, took off work and made it happen. 

It’s called Franklin Drive Thru Safari and it’s near College Station.

and I HIGHLY suggest you go.

We get there and of course the first thing I want to do is go see and feed the giraffes,

If you follow me on snapchat you basically spent the entire day with us lol


So, here are a few pictures from one of my favorite birthdays of all time…

I had the biggest and goofiest grin on my face the ENTIRE day.

After feeding the giraffes we drove around the safari and there were SO many different animals.

The zebras were so dang cute and the donkeys would sprint behind your car the entire time.

and of course there were emus/ostriches that I mostly took videos of…

those things are my worst nightmare…like they absolutely terrify me.

The kangaroos were SO cute and sweet! 

If I stuck my hand near the cage they would run over and just give me tons of kisses.

Kyle and I walked around for a bit before deciding to head back.

These pictures and my quick explanation of the day totally don’t do it justice.

It was one of the best and most fun days i’ve had in a REALLY long time.

We grabbed some food and headed home then decided to head to the gun range for a little bit.

And of course we ended this fantastic day with some netflix and chill.

(Game of thrones is our current obsession)

Thanksssss for stopping by!

This post is WAY late — 

but I guess that’s what happens when you’re trying to adult and also have 5 other hobbies.

Top: Forever21 Skirt: Showpo Heels: LuLus

My official birthday was May 16th but I decided to celebrate the weekend before
since it fell on a Monday!
And well, I ended up celebrating a TAD too hard and was home and passed out before midnight.
That’s what the birthday girl is supposed to do though right?
Get ridiculously drunk, have a great time and embarrass herself?
Because if so, I totally nailed it.

As most of you know, I’m the picture queen.

However, after 5 shots in a row, pictures were the last thing on my mind…

Let’s just say that this was one of the greatest nights that i’ll never remember.

Here’s to 27.

xoxo, Monica Lee

{come back tomorrow to see what I did on my actual birthday}

you REALLY don’t wanna miss it. 

Top: ShopMCE Shorts: American Eagle  Sandals: ShopMCE Bag: Similar Necklace: Bauble Bar

Okay y’all I am SO excited because I’ve F I NA L L Y gotten a new lens for my camera!

Well, actually, my parents got it for me for my birthday…but nonetheless…


I am one of the less fortunate “bloggers” out there because I don’t have a photographer as a husband.

Does he take all of my pictures? yes. Does he do it well? …that’s another story.

BUT this new lens makes it MUCH easier on the poor guy and I am

{FYI I have a canon eos rebel SL1 — and the new lens is an EF 85mm} 

Now, let’s talk about this casual and simple little look i’ve got going on.

I’m all about flowy tops. Flowy is not actually a real word, but it’s a word I use often.

I’ve never been one for super form fitting tops, 

I’ll be REAL honest and admit that I’m a severe bloater…

{yes, I diagnosed myself}

I know I’m thin and small etc etc…

but throw a piece of food in me and I can look 7 months pregnant REAL quick.

With that being said…anytime I see a loose fitting top made in a soft fabric, I’ll buy it. 

This specific top is from my boutique and holy crap I wanted one in every color.

I’m REALLY hoping I can re order — it was also available in a red and mustard color.

I love tops like this because they can be worn all year round, 

Transition pieces are a girl on a budgets best friend. 

I’ve only got one of these tops left so—RUN & order if you want it!

On to these shorts…

I always have a hard time finding shorts that fit me properly

and American Eagle really never lets me down.

I probably wear these shorts 3 times a week and i’m not mad about it.

If you don’t own a pair of sandals that look like this, you’re missing out.

They are SO on trend right now and a million times more comfy then they look.

The tassels on the laces just add an extra cutie factor which makes them a total “must have”.

I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend!

I’ll be sharing my birthday weekend festivities on here sometime this week so 

STAY TUNED if you want to see pictures of the best day of my life.