Celebrating Sis

Top: Dainty Hooligan Jeans: Similar Necklace: Pree Brulee Heels: LuLu*s

Last Friday we celebrated my sisters 30th birthday!
{a little early}
She rented out a private room at Pinots Palette
and it was way more fun than I was anticipating.
These places are byob so of course I brought bae…

We got there expecting there to be no food and there was a massive tray of chick fil a nuggets
as well as these beauties…

Therefore we were very well nourished for the class.

We painted a sunset, which yes, sounds simple..but you are all so very wrong.
Please go grab a paint brush and attempt to paint a swinging hammock & then get back to me.
God was really looking out for me in this photo, shout out to Jesus for the perfect lighting.

Once the class was over we googled the closest bar to us 

and ended up at a strange little place called Blue Lagoon.

We walked in and it was like everything including the music just stopped.

This was definitely a bar full of regulars and we were SO out of place.

BUT we ended up staying, I mean it was karaoke night so how could we not?!

Blue Lagoon definitely left us with sore abs and some interesting memories.

Happy early birthday sis! 


  1. June 17, 2016 / 3:06 am

    Your top is seriously adorable — I love it! Sounds like you guys had a great time painting though 🙂 I did a sunrise and a tree and it was difficult but SO much fun!

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