One of those days….

Sweater: ShopHopes Jeans: LuLus Necklace: ShopHopes Shoes: Nordstrom

You know when it seems like your entire life is falling apart?

But in reality it’s just a bunch of little things that won’t matter in a month or even a week…

but you have an emotional break down anyways? 

that’s me today.

Don’t worry the breakdown is now over.

A good cry and phone call to your mom pretty much seems to cure everything.

So here’s a shout out to all the moms out there — 

thanks for reminding us that we’re normal & 

that having mental/emotional breakdowns in your mid twenties is totally acceptable.

On a brighter note…the week is halfway over!!!!

And i’m super in love with this outfit.

I’m totally not lying when I say at least 10 people told me 

“wow, you look really pretty today!”

Not sure if it was the darker lip color or what but people were totally digging it. 

Also, these wedges are basically brand new and i’ve worn them just short of a million times.

They are PERFECT and you could literally run a marathon in them, they’re so comfy.

Hope everyones Hump Day is going well!

Thanks for stopping by.

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