Tunic: ShopMCE | Leggings: similar | Wedges: similar

Guys, I love my job.

One of my favorite customers brought in her husband today 

and they told me they want to adopt me.


But really, I would consider letting them – such an adorable little couple.

The lady is probably mid 70’s and she has legit rainbow hair..talk about #goals.

Lately i’ve been all about changes. 

I usually hate change — but currently i’m embracing the crap out of it.

Like – my blog is in the midst of a makeover, and i’m wanting my store to get one as well…

I kind of just want to change up everything in my life right now.

Anyone else go through these phases, or am I a maniac?

Kind of want to color my hair dark again…

Kind of want a sleeve of tattoos…

Kind of want to become vegan…

[LOL that’ll never happen]

Kind of want to want to eat McDonalds for every meal…

Kind of want to start a new Netflix show…

Kind of want to watch Greys Anatomy every day for the rest of my life…

Ya feel me?

Well, I hope all of you enjoy your weekend!

I’ll be working, per usual — followed with some drinking — per usual. 

Keep it real y’all. 

Top: Brandy Melville | Jean Jacket: JCrew | Jeans: CottonOn | Booties: ShopMCE

Choker: Forever21

Okay y’all I almost didn’t share this outfit because the pictures don’t do it justice.
I could not look normal this day in photos for some reason, but whatever.

I’m ALL about buns lately.
Probably because I hate washing my hair — but thats beside the point.
Buns are totally trendy right now so even though I may be dirty — at least I look on trend?

SO I wear these jeans pretty regularly,
would y’all buy them if I got some similar in my store!?
I’m trying to bring in more jeans/leggings so let me know what y’all would be interested in!
Happy Thursday y’all!

We’ve almost made it to the weekend!

This Sunday Kyle and I were doing our usual “Sunday”…

Ya know, sitting on the couch watching tv, 

then eating, then sitting on the couch watching tv, then more eating.

It was about 4:30 and I leaned over and said, 

“Lets drive to San Antonio & take Charley on a hike”

I was 100% dead serious, and he was actually considering it for a second.

But then – he had a better idea.

I’ve been begging Kyle to just take Charley & I out on the boat since he got the boat back in July.

I remember years ago, when we hadn’t been dating long, he took me out on his grandpas boat,

just the two of us – and it was one of the best days of my life.

Wellp, this Sunday definitely topped it. 

We grabbed the girl and a bottle of wine & headed out to the river about 5pm, 

It was raining, but we didn’t care. 

We drove around for a bit and then Charley and I jumped in and swam for a little while.

There are these little beaches of sand along the side of the river so we decided to park,

andddddddddd we discovered my new most favorite place EVER.

It was unbelievably peaceful, and beautiful, and JUST the escape we needed.

We walked around & drank some wine,

Then sat down for a bit and talked…

It was just the random adventure that we needed.

How cute is this aztec vest? 

I sold it in my shop last year and I’m REALLY hoping I can get more.

Also, these shoes are my all time Fall favs. 

I scored them a couple years ago at DSW…

Searched everywhere for this same pair but couldn’t find them.

Here are some cute options though.

here. here. and here.

Well, it’s officially Fall, and i’m over here sweating my ass off in a tank top.
That’s what I get for living in Houston though right?
I’ve never been more ready for the cooler weather y’all.
I’m not going to lie – i’ll admit i’ve been working a little too hard on my winter bod lately.
I MUST start working out again.
My 2 hour commute to work every day has really put a damper on my work out schedule.
And by that I mean – I have no work out schedule.
But hey, i’m still alive and healthy and all is good in my little world.
However, I do hope to bring some more fitness posts to y’all in the near future!

It’s officially Friday and it’s officially raining cats & dogs here.
Which i’m totally loving.
I’ve got a little day date with one of my besties after work tomorrow –
we are LONG overdue.
I’ll be sure to fill y’all in on Monday about how exciting or not exciting my weekend was.
Fingers crossed that it’s at least a tad exciting.

Happy Friday! 

Top: WindsorStore | Jeans: LuLus | Booties: ShopMCE | Choker: LuLus

It’s the little things in life and marriage that really make it worth while. 

Today marks three years since Kyle asked me to be his wife, 

and although there have been many rough patches along the way…

I have never been more proud to call him my husband.

Marriage is no joke y’all,

and there is NO such thing as a perfect couple.

Kyle and I may have 100 different struggles and stresses and things on our minds right now-

but it’s the little things that get us through each day.

He walked in this morning as I was getting ready for work-

looking a hot mess and blasting Texas county music. 

Half my hair was on top of my head, half my makeup was applied,

and I was wearing my grungy “get ready” clothes.

He picked me up and held me for a minute – 

and then started dancing around our dirty bathroom, with me wrapped around him. 


That’s what matters. That’s what makes all the hard times worth while. 

the little moments that don’t necessarily come often, but mean everything. 

I love you because you make me laugh, 

but I love you more because you love me like Jesus does. 

Thanks for asking me to spend forever with you Kyle Reagan.