I used to think that I couldn’t pull off rompers…

Until I put one on and realized it was the most comfortable thing in the world.

At that point I said “F it” and I’ve been wearing rompers regularly ever since. 

I mean it’s basically a onesie that you can show off your legs in.

I’d say that’s a win win situation.

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PS: Do y’all notice anything different? hehehe

Sunday was actually a pretty random day for us.

We had originally planned on going out on the boat – 

but ended up meeting up with some friends to watch football instead!

We went to Luke’s Icehouse and watched the Saints game with 2 other couples.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we sat outside 

and got to enjoy the cool air while we watched the game!

After eating a ridiculous amount of fried foods we decided to change up the scenery!

We headed to a little place called Kung Fu and kept the party going.

After a few drinks the girls ended up convincing the boys to take us to 

[what we thought would be] a pumpkin patch farm,

Well – let’s just say it definitely was NOT a pumpkin patch farm lol

But we still managed to snap a few cute pics with pumpkins!

Although there were a few mishaps – it was a great day.

Love these friends of ours!! 

Guys, this weekend was so much fun!

After work Saturday Kyle and I headed to the Woodlands for a family night.

Kyle’s cousin, Krissa, had the genius idea of a family pumpkin painting party.

We had such a fun night, and if you follow me on snapchat (Monicaleeee) 

I’m sure you got to see my masterpiece!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of all of our finished pumpkins.

And by that, I mean I didn’t take any pictures of our finished pumpkins –

because mine was absolutely terrible — 

I had a goal, 

and that was to have a fuchsia leopard print pumpkin with some gold throughout…

Well, my pumpkin looked like it had a severe peanut allergy and was breaking out in hives so..

That’s that.

But it was still a great night with the fam.

Sunday was also an unplanned day full of pumpkins. 

Stay tuned cuz i’m kind of obsessed with the outfit I wore — mainly the shoes.

And I think some of you may need them.

Dress: ShopMCE | Boots: LuLus | Necklace: Hemline

Howdy y’all!

So, I have a favor to ask of all of you, a prayer request if you will.

Kyle and I have been on the hunt for a new home for quite a while now.

I’m commuting almost 4 hours a day and not only is it taking a toll on the bank account, 

but also on my sanity. 

— Long story short —

My sweet Mamaw has been living in an assisted living facility for a while now, 

and her house is just kind of sitting there empty.

My parents came up with a genius idea that Kyle & I could live in it, 

pay for the utilities, save up for a house of our own – 

but also work on my Mamaws house while we’re living in it, ya know – fix it up a bit 

and just take care of it for her while she’s not able to live in it. 

Well, My Mamaw isn’t quite herself lately so she didn’t take that too well,

and felt as if we were trying to take her house from her.

But in reality it would just be the perfect situation and help all of us out.

It’s closer to my job, it would help us save money for a home of our own, 

and we would fix her house up and keep it safe while she’s away. 

Today after work i’m going to go visit her and possibly talk to her about it,

so if y’all could say a little prayer for me!

Just pray that if it’s Gods will that we move there for a little while that my Mamaw 

will have an open mind and trust that we will take care of her home for her & 

know that we aren’t trying to take it away from her.

I know there’s power in prayer so hopefully we will have an answer today!

Y’all are the best, thanks for reading this little blog of mine.

Happy Friday!!!

Lately I find myself being stumped on what to write about,

of course I’ve always got my outfits to share – 

but I typically like my writing to be from me, something personal,

 and not just me describing why I chose my outfits and what I like about them.

So instead of blabbing about something random, I’ll get into the real stuff.

So, here we go.

Random but real thoughts – from yours truly.

Being an adult is tough.

Bills are like REALLY annoying.

The market right now for buying a house, UGH – don’t even get me started.

I’ve been feeling extra thankful for the health of my family & loved ones lately.

Sometimes I concern myself with how obsessed I am with my dog.

Making a baby is not as easy as your parents always told you when you were a teenager.

I’m sick & tired of Gods timing being so different than mine, 

but goodness I sure am learning & growing from it.

I think my caffeine addiction has randomly disappeared, like out of nowhere.

I got home at almost 8 last night and still cooked dinner for Kyle and I 

[that’s huge for me]

I want like 10 new pairs of tennis shoes, but I don’t really work out anymore so…

I can’t decide what to be for Halloween, think Kyle & I may be Jack & Coke.


I said I wasn’t going to blab and I totally blabbed, a lot.

but oh well, this little blog is mine, and I can blab if I want too.