I can’t even begin to tell y’all how hard it was for me to click “publish” on my last post.

I’m overwhelmed with the love and encouragement i’ve received from everyone,

on here, instagram, facebook, and in person.

THANK YOU ALL so much for every sweet word, 

and for those that have shared their personal stories of struggle with me.

I feel like we’ve all been trained to never talk about the hard things.

to pretend like everything’s perfect, 

because the hard things can make other people uncomfortable.

But I think that’s silly.

So here’s to being real…

Happy Monday everyone

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Thanksgiving is tomorrow – 

and I was going to write up this perfect little post about everything i’m thankful for and how blessed I am and how thankful I am for everyone and everything in my life…. 

Of course skipping over all of the bumps in the road that Kyle and I have endured this year.

BUT instead of pretending like everything’s perfect and chatting about how happy I am, 

I figured I’d be R E A L with all of y’all instead. 

And if i’m being completely open and honest, life has been a little hard lately.

No one ever warns you that your mid to late twenties will be some of the toughest years of your life.

Talk about growing pains y’all.

Kyle and I are definitely in a transitioning period, and well, 

it hasn’t been as easy breezy as we had planned.

[This post was actually typed up a few months ago, but I wasn’t brave enough to share it. I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me, or thinking that i’m complaining.
This post was written in hopes that someone could relate and know that they aren’t alone. As i’ve gotten older i’ve learned that it’s much better to be human and be open about your struggles rather than hiding them — because you never know who’s struggling with the exact same thing, and could use a friend to lean on.
So here it goes…]

It’s a scary thing — making that decision.

 The decision to grow your family, to bring life into this world.  

At the beginning, I kind of just thought it would happen, ya know.

I mean it’s pretty easy right? 

You get off whatever birth control you’re on and do the thing, and 


There’s a baby in your belly.

I have always heard about infertility, about people struggling to get pregnant.

Of course, my heart went out to them.

But that would never happen to me. 

I’m healthy, and active, and I mean – I’ve always wanted to be a mom. 

I mean, half my friends got pregnant without even blinking, 

so I’m bound to get pregnant the first time I try, right?

It’s funny — when you make the choice to have a baby…

You start thinking of how you’re going to tell people.

How you’re going to tell your husband, your mom, your best friend.

You think of how surprised and excited everyone is going to be.

You picture all of this in your head and it fills your entire being with SO much joy.

The first few months are all fun and games.

When I saw that little negative sign, 

or those big letters spelling out “NOT pregnant”…

I didn’t let it get to me too much,

I just went on with my life, and figured it would happen the next month.

During those first months,
you’ll have friends get pregnant.
You’ll laugh and cry and celebrate with them, knowing in the back of your mind –
that you will have a baby of your own soon and they will be the best of friends.
A few more months will go by,
and you’ll see pregnancy announcements and baby announcements all over social media.
You’ll smile and feel so happy for the couple who’s pregnant,
but deep down you can’t help but feel sadness and wonder why it hasn’t happened for you yet,
and then you’ll quickly push aside that sadness because you know it’s selfish.
But i’m finally realizing that it’s okay to feel sad.
It’s okay to want a family of your own.
It’s okay to be jealous of women who get pregnant naturally and quickly,
we’re humans, and all of those feelings are normal.
It’s okay. 

Fast forward to over a year later,

that little negative sign, and those big letters spelling out “NOT pregnant”,

seem to have a much stronger effect.

In fact, they’re absolutely devastating. 

But with all that being said, I know I serve a God whose timing is perfect, 
I do have times where i’m sad and frustrated,
I’m not naive, I do know there are people that have been trying MUCH longer than I have.
I do know there are big things going on in the world and in peoples lives that
are far more serious than this issue that Kyle and I are currently facing.

But the thing is – we’re all human, we all have struggles.
Social media and the way people portray their lives on there isn’t real.
If you just scrolled through my Instagram you would never know that we’ve
been struggling to get pregnant or that my house is an utter disaster 98% of the time,
or that I absolutely suck at cooking,
[literally made my husband easy mac & crescent rolls the other night]

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from,
we’ve all got something we’re dealing with.
And I think instead of being ashamed or embarrassed of our problems,
or struggles, or downfalls…
Why not share them and embrace the fact that those are what make us human.

So this Thanksgiving, although it’s different than how I pictured it would be,
I’m thankful.
I’m thankful for my true friends, i’m thankful for my families health, i’m thankful for the people I work with and how they always make me laugh, I’m thankful for the patience Kyle has with me, I’m thankful for dogs, because Lord knows the love they give is one of a kind.

and I’m thankful for struggles, because without them, we would never grow stronger or be able to appreciate all of the amazing little things that we so often take for granted. 

Happy Thanksgiving y’all. 

Y’all, a cold front finally came through!
 Just in time for us to attend an outdoor wedding.

The wedding was absolutely STUNNING, but holy crap it was C O L D.

I can’t complain at all about this weekend though.

My sister in laws – boyfriends – family has a beautiful house on Canyon Lake and 

let us stay there while we were in town for the wedding.

The Hill Country will always have a very special place in my heart.
It’s where Kyle and I met, and where the majority of our “story” took place.
It’s the place that holds all of the special memories I have of my uncle who has passed.
It’s the place that helped shape me into the woman I am today.
Needless to say, it was so nice to be back even though it was just for a day.

Happy Tuesday!

Top: CottonOn [similar] | Jacket: Target [similar] | Leggings: ShopMCE | Boots: LuLusNecklace: Hemline

It seems like Kyle and I have been nonstop lately.
Wedding season is in full force!

Thankfully this weekend we won’t be traveling and will get to spend lots of time with family!
I’m a little in shock that Thanksgiving is THIS week, like…WHUT? how did that happen?
It will still be a super busy one for us though!

I’m currently going through this phase where I want to change everything in our home.
I’m all about neutrals — whites and grays and then random accent colors.
So don’t be surprised if you start seeing a whole lot of before & afters on here..
Kyle just painted our red TV stand/chest white this past weekend,
it was gorgeous, but just didn’t quite fit the look I was going for.
We can’t be changing too much though because, God willing, we’ll be moving soon.
I’m SO ready to be in a new place, closer to work!
Prayers that we’ll find something soon are much appreciated —
we’ve only been looking for forever – __ –

But anyways,
Hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Top: LuLus | Jacket: Pacsun [similar] | Leggings: ShopMCE | Booties: LuLus 

Last night we all celebrated Kyle’s cousin and one of my best friends birthdays!

It was awesome because it was a surprise dinner and she was totally 100% surprised, 

which rarely happens with this family!

We went to the Republican Grille in the Woodlands,

and of course, everything was absolutely delicious. 

We ended up heading home pretty late for a week night and were both trying HARD to stay awake.

You know how you always see those things on facebook, 

“ask your husband or kids these questions and share and re post and blah blah!”

I never do those, because nobody probably cares. 

BUT, we had a long drive, and I was interested to see Kyle’s answers..

So here we go! 

(Ladies, without prompting, ask your husband, boyfriend, or kids these questions and write down exactly what they say. The outcome can be hilarious)

Kyle’s Responses:

What makes me happy? 

“Besides me? Food.”

What makes me sad?

“Seeing animals get hurt” 

How tall am I?


What’s my favorite thing to do?

“Cuddle Charley”

What do I do when you’re not around?

“Who the (bleep) knows…NOT clean.” —-RUDE

If I become famous what will it be for?

“Ummm…singing…*busts out in hysterical laughter*”

What makes you proud of me?

“Well shit a lot! Being your own boss.”

What is your favorite food?

“How much time do I have??”

What is my favorite restaurant?


Where is my favorite place to visit?

“Mexico…or the hill Country?”

If I could go anywhere, where would it be?

“Bora Bora!…I was gonna say Greece but..Where would you rather go??”

Do you think you could live without me?

“Absolutely not”

How do I annoy you?

“Oh geez…I plead the 5th”

What is my favorite movie?

“I don’t know”

Who is my celebrity crush?

“Eric Decker”

You get a phone call that I’m in trouble, who am I with?

“Krissa…. “ (LOL)

Happy Hump Day, 

let me know if you ask your husband/boyfriend these questions!