Better late than never

Top: WindsorStore | Jeans: ShopMCE | Booties: Zara

Y’all…this post was supposed to go up Monday – Needless to say,
it’s been a slightly crazy week.

Gah, I love the weekends.
Don’t get me wrong, I do love my job —
but sleeping in and hanging out with Kyle & our friends, it doesn’t get much better.

Saturday night Kyle and I had a little dinner date with my sister & brother in law.
We hopped on over to Chuys and pretty much drank a gallon of their creamy jalapeño dip.
Then Kyle and I went home and did a little Netflix and chill.
We are totally becoming a boring old couple, and I blame him.
Kyle and I are so different [which is a good thing] He’s much more of a home body,
and I love to be out on the town.
He prefers more chill low key bars, and the more hood music the better for me.

Marriage is all about sacrifices though, and i’m so thankful when he’s a good sport and
 goes places that I prefer sometimes!

Kyle and I are headed to Dallas tomorrow for one of my best friends weddings!
I am beyond excited for her and can’t wait to see how gorgeous she looks!!!

Mandy did such a phenomenal job,
I’ll share before and after photos with y’all tomorrow!

Happy Thursday!


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