Hair probs

Y’all…why didn’t any of you tell me my hair was yellow?!

I kind of kept thinking that I wasn’t in love with the color anymore…

and when I hung out with my friend Claire this last weekend and compared our hair…

hollllyyyyyyy crap.

The Brass was on another level y’all.

But i’ll forgive you, 

I’ll just assume y’all were too nice or too busy reading my awesome posts

to notice that my hair was a hot mess.


Claire and I ended up running sprinting to Sallys on Sunday to see if we could fix it.

Got myself some toner, and some purple shampoo and went to work!

It definitely helped a little bit, it’s much more blonde than yellow now..

But i’m still wanting a little change.

SO I made myself an appointment and i’m going to bring the darkness down and blend it

throughout more! 

SUPER excited about this, my appointment is Tuesday so i’ll be sure to share

a before and after with y’all! 

Anyways, how is everyone? what’s going on? 

It’s November here and i’m still wearing shorts so…not much new over here.

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