Happy Friday!!!
So I actually created this post for y’all last week, so I’m hoping the majority of these shoes
are still on sale. I went and checked a few different ones and they still were so, FINGERS CROSSED.

When you scroll over each item, that price most likely doesn’t reflect the sale price!
For instance, some of these items you need a discount code and it will tell you the code once you
get to that individual website!
Like GoodnightMacaroon, they’re actually having 30% off their entire site – not just shoes, SCORE.

I’ll see you babes next year,
Have the best weekend ever!!!

// Sweater // Jeans // Boots // Ear rings //

Sheesh, I am in a total funk y’all.
Christmas was SO perfect and so exhausting this year!
We have been so busy the last few days and things aren’t slowing down anytime soon.
We’re heading out of town this weekend to spend some time with more family, and
I kind of need a nap just thinking about it!
There’s really nothing better than this time of year though, I love all of the quality time
we get with our families and I’m SO thankful that we all live fairly close to each other!!

I can’t believe we’re just a few days away from ending 2017!
This year was definitely an unforgettable one.
We should be getting our maternity photos back in a few days and I can’t
even explain to y’all how freaking excited I am to see how they turned out!!
I feel like the start of 2018 is going to also be the start of some MAJOR nesting.
I’m so ready to get the nursery completed and get all of those final little tasks done before Hayes gets here!

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a ton of adorable shoes with y’all that are currently on sale so make sure you head back over here in the morning!
Hope all of you are having a relaxing Thursday.

Okay guys, I think yesterday was the most active I’ve been in the last 6 months…
My body is D E A D and today is definitely going to be an online shopping/netflix/nap kinda day.
I’m super excited because Nordstrom is having their Half Yearly SALE!
SOOOOO…..of course I’m linking all of my favorite items for y’all!

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

Goodnight Macaroon is also having 30% off their entire site!
Click HERE to shop and {Use code JOY30}
This is the shop I buy my FAV OTK boots from!


Okay so I know it’s Christmas morning but I wanted to share this outfit with y’all since I got SO many questions about the details whenever I posted it on Instagram a couple days ago!
This is probably the coziest maternity look I’ve worn like EVER!
I’m actually wearing this sweater backwards..I shared a post wearing it normal here.
I got this sweater from ShopHopes, but it’s currently sold out –
don’t worry I linked the exact same one for y’all below!!
I ended up getting this sweater in a medium for a more oversized look and I LOVE it so much.

Obviously today’s post is super quick and to the point because DUH it’s Christmas!!!
Before I go…If you’re going to splurge on ONE thing this year, make it these OTK boots y’all,
I promise you will not regret it. Seriously the best purchase I made all year.

Okay off to make my mamas famous “sausage balls” and get ready for the day!

Merry Christmas and THANK YOU so much for reading my blog and supporting me
& just being the best ever!
Love y’all tons.

It’s Friday, and it’s ALMOST Christmas!!!!!!

Okay, so I asked all of you on Instagram if you really wanted this post and I was pleasantly
surprised with just how many of you NEEDED a post like this in your life.
So today is all about maternity pajamas!
From cozy sweats all the way to sexy lingerie, I’ve got ya covered!
And the best part is all of these options are SUPER affordable.

I’m actually really sad that I didn’t purchase more maternity pajamas,
I think I’m going to have to grab one or two of those Asos jammies, they’re just too cute!
It’s SO important to feel comfy while sleeping during pregnancy.
Hopefully some of these options help all you mamas to be!

I probably won’t have another post up until Tuesday so
Merry Christmas everyone!!!