Seeing the good.

One thing i’ve always known, but really realized this year,

 is that, everyone, every single person is fighting some sort of battle.

Some may be big, and some may be small, 

and some may be small but seem big to that individual.

But it doesn’t matter.

Something may seem super simple and small to me, 

but it could feel like the world is ending to someone else.

We all have our struggles, and none of them look the same.

This year I really want to try and keep that in mind at all times.

For whenever i’m frustrated with a friend, 

or family member, or confused by someones actions.

Instead of jumping to conclusions or assuming the worst,

I just want to remember and remind myself that we’re all human,

and half the time have no idea what we’re doing…

and half the time we’re just trying to make it through the end of the day.

Sometimes it’s hard not to make assumptions, 

or judge, or feel jealous, and that’s just human nature.

But this year my goal, starting today, is to see the good.

To fully embrace myself, flaws and all, and be thankful for what God has blessed me with.

To stop looking at others in jealousy.

To search for the good in every situation. 

To comfort my friends/family in whatever battle their facing.

To not compare peoples battles but help them overcome them. 

To trust God fully, and not constantly rely on myself.

To give back, to those who are in need and those who have given to me.

It may not be the very beginning of the year,

but it’s never too late for a fresh start.


  1. March 9, 2017 / 4:31 pm

    What a great reminder, I love this. I'm constantly forgetting that we are struggling, just everyone's fight looks different.

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