R+F Review

Holy moly I woke up feeling REFRESHED this morning!

Bri reached out to me on instagram and offered me these R+F samples and holy cow,

was not expecting them to be THIS great.

I have super sensitive skin, so i’ll admit, it did take me a while to convince myself to try them.

But now i’m SO glad that I did, and already need more.

I am a major lover of all things exfoliating and this micro-dermabrasion paste quickly

became one of my top favorites.

So… I took videos applying it, but they’re a little ridiculous so i’ll spare y’all.

I applied the micro-dermabrasion paste first,

I was a little worried the scrub would be too intense and leave my face red and irritated.


I could’ve lathered my face in that stuff all day long.

It smelled amazing, and it was the perfect mixture of a scrub and moisturizer.

After scrubbing my face down I applied the night serum,

which left my skin feeling extra soft. 

Bri also sent me a lip serum and when I kissed Kyle goodnight 

he came right back in for more to get some more of the serum haha

I’ve honestly been wanting to try R+F for years 

but was so afraid it wouldn’t be worth the investment.

I’m so thankful Bri was kind enough to send me some samples,

I now have a way better idea of what their products are like and I know my skin can handle them.

If any of you have been interested in R+F but afraid to try it PLEASE reach out to Bri.

She is such a sweetheart and will answer any question you may have!

Feel free to call her at 551 427 2911

Or shoot her an email at BriVitulano@gmail.com 

Or just head to her site!


This post was supposed to go up this Monday but it’s been a crazy week.
Tomorrow i’m re capping my weekend in the Hill country and then,

I’ve got some exciting news to share with y’all next Monday!!!

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