So I don’t know about you, but I cannot get enough embroidery lately!!!

| Top / Jeans / Sandals (similar) |

Tops, jeans, skirts…just take all my money and embroider it ALL.

I am all about this trend, and I do not want it to end.

I scored this beautiful top at Zara for under $40,

and you’ll definitely be seeing me in it multiple times this Summer.

I’ve got some cute little embroidery items coming into my shop soon,

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I rocked this little number a few weekends ago when we had a family day,

and were showing my fam our new house and around the neighborhood.

Is it just me or do weekends keep going by faster and faster?
I could’ve sworn it was Saturday like 10 minutes ago.

I’ve got some SUPER cute new arrivals going up on my website today!
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Once all of the wedding festivities were over

 and the happy couple was off to their honeymoon,

we decided to make the last day a vacation day.

Which means, BOAT DAY!

Unfortunately this suit is completely sold out everywhere, 

but i’ll link some other cute options for y’all below!

here, here, here, and here

It was the perfect relaxing ending to our busy weekend.

That evening us girls went to a Spazmatics concert and 


it was freaking amazing!

If you don’t know who they are (I didn’t before the concert) They’re a band

that plays/performs 80’s music.

They were such good performers and we all seriously had the best time ever.

But now it’s back to reality…

I have my 10 year high school reunion this Saturday.

(wait when did I get so old)

So that should be interesting, i’m sure there will be plenty of alcohol involved.

Happy Thursday!

Well, May 27th was pretty much the prettiest day e.v.e.r.

My sister in law got married in her fiancĂ©’s families lake house backyard
and it was unbelievably stunning.

The day started out with hair & makeup of course,
oh and lots and lots of pigs in a blanket.
Oh, and mimosas!

I was so obsessed with the wedding colors,
each bridesmaid got to choose her own dress and the colors looks so beautiful together.

The boys looked SO handsome as well, 

I couldn’t get over how cutie Kyle was in those suspenders.

 (link to my dress)

The ceremony was short and soso sweet.
The entire day flew by wayyyy too fast.

Here’s a shot of me and my brand new brother right after the ceremony!

hehe love ya Alex!

It was such a beautiful day, for an even more beautiful couple.
So excited for them to start this next chapter as husband and wife. 

Wait, it’s June already?!

Sheesh, May was such a busy month for us!!

We bought and moved into our new home, I turned 28, 

my sweet sister [in law] married her best friend, 

and it feels like about a million other things happened as well!

We had a super busy Memorial Day weekend, 

we left on Thursday to head to Canyon Lake.

That’s where the wedding took place and we were nonstop all weekend!

Friday was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner,

the dinner took place at a beautiful restaurant winery called Oak Valley.

dress | heels | ear rings | clutch

A few days before the rehearsal dinner Kyle and I were asked to do a surprise toast

for the bride and groom.

Guys…public speaking, no no no, NOT my thing.

BUT of course, we were so honored and love those two to death.

So it wasn’t difficult at all to get up there and pour our hearts out.

The entire weekend flew by wayyyyyy too fast, 

Tomorrow I’ll give y’all a glimpse into the wedding day!

Holy crap, it was SO perfect.

Backyard weddings will forever be my fav.