Hurricane Harvey

Wow. Hurricane Harvey.

The last few weeks have been devastating to so many people surrounding me.

I can’t help but to feel shame and guilt that our home went completely unaffected and untouched.

Of course, we are unbelievably grateful that we are safe and our home is okay.

Driving around and seeing all of the homes under water,

all of the homes destroyed, 

and all of the homes with every single item from inside laying in the grass, ruined,

is absolutely heartbreaking.

We only had two people in both mine and Kyles families that were affected.

Kyles cousin, one of my very best friends, Krissa, had her apartment flood.

And my parents home also flooded.

The fact that both of our families live all over Houston and only two homes were affected is an absolute miracle. 

As soon as the flooding started Kyle could not sit down and just NEEDED to do something.

(gosh, I love him)

We don’t have a boat, and we really had no way of helping,

and that was SO hard on him.

He ended up convincing one of his cousins to bring two boats down from the valley.

(Shout out to Jesus for allowing him to get to Houston safely)

Once they got the boats, Kyle and his brother and cousins spent the next few days saving people from their flooded homes.

They saved elderly, They saved young couples, They saved children, and they saved pets.

I have never in my life been more proud of those boys.

Even though they saved tons of people, those people are still left without a home and all of their memories and belongings.

Please continue to pray for Houston and all of the other areas that were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

I am so proud of Houston for coming together, and staying strong.

God bless Texas.


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