I am officially 22 weeks pregnant and feeling bigger than ever!
Figured i’d do one of these little “bump date” posts today,
mainly for me to remember, but hopefully y’all will enjoy it as well!!

How far along are you? 22 weeks and 1 day!
What fruit are you? Well, one app told me baby is the size of a burger, another one told me a coconut, and another told me a papaya! Soooo….there ya go!
Due Date? March 4th! But secretly hoping he comes a tinyyyy bit earlier
Gender: Boy! Hayes Wyatt
Total weight gain/loss: I had gained about 15 lbs at my 20 week appointment, I officially weigh the most I have ever weighed!
Exercise: Gosh i’m trying! It’s definitely not as easy as I was hoping it would be, but i’ve been doing 30 minute work outs every now and then and just modifying the moves, and also walking every day!
Stretch marks: None so far, Hoping it stays that way!
Swelling: No swelling yet, however if i’m on my feet all day they tend to feel about 500 lbs
Maternity clothes: Oh that’s a big YES, give me all the stretchy pants please. Seems like I’m even growing out of those these days!
Belly button: In! I have an oddly deep belly button so I’m thinking it may stay this way! haha
Sleep: Lots of tossing and turning, baby boy LOVES to kick me at night!
Food cravings: Yellow gatorade, milk…been craving candy/sweets more!
Symptoms: Lower back pain, heavy boobs lol!
Movement: SO much movement, all throughout the day. Seriously the best feeling in the whole entire world. I could just stare at my tummy all day long.
What I miss: Fitting into all of my normal clothes lol
What I’m loving: Watching my body change, feeling those sweet kicks, preparing his nursery.
What i’m looking forward too: Seeing this baby boys sweet face, Watching Kyle be a dad, and just alllllllll the baby snuggles.
Best moment this week: Seeing his kicks on the outside of my tummy!
Words of wisdom: Pregnancy is such an incredible thing. People say it all the time but it really is crazy what our bodies are capable of. Give yourself grace during pregnancy, don’t be too hard on yourself. Try to enjoy every moment and every bump along the way. There are good days and there are hard days and that’s just the way it is, soak it all up mama!!!!

//  Top // Jeans // Shoes (super old) – Similar option  //

Yesterday was an emotional one for me, actually I’m emotional AF today too,
so it may just be one of those weeks!
All these pregnancy hormones got me going a littleeeeee crazy y’all.
We had our 20 week anatomy scan Monday and everything went great!
She told us that everything looks normal and healthy which is so amazing.
I’m super grateful that this pregnancy has gone so smoothly, God is SO good.
Even though everything went great, I left the appointment feeling sad and disappointed for some reason.
Almost like I didn’t get to see the baby as much as I wanted too…
My ultrasound tech is phenomenal and we were there for over 30 minutes so I mean,
we got to see him A LOT, I just miss him already….
Even though he’s literally with me everywhere I go kicking the crap out of me…
Am I even making any sense right now?!
Goodness pregnancy is exhausting!!! haha

Kyle took the day off Monday and the weather was pretty much perfect,
so after our appointment we spent the majority of our day outside enjoying it!
We took Charley to this little neighborhood dog park and just relaxed while
she played for a few hours.

I woke up this morning to a text from my sweet friend Jamie,
she had her baby boy late last night!!!
(Of course I cried)
He is so perfect and I am so excited for her and her husband,
They are going to be the best parents ever!
All these precious babies being born gets me so anxious to meet my little guy!
129 days till baby boys due date!!!!

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Monday y’all, I’m all hyped up today because…
1. I’ve got some exciting news to share!!
2. We get to see our sweet boy (via ultrasound) today!!
Okay, exciting news first.
I am sososo excited to announce that I’ve officially been accepted into the rewardStyle Program.
What does that mean?!
You can shop my outfits with just one click! Or one screenshot!
If you follow me on Instagram and don’t already have the LIKEtoKNOW.it app,
you should totally download it now!
Once downloaded, you can just screenshot my posts and you will receive
a notification and direct links to each item that I’m wearing!
(greatest invention ever, right?!)
Or if you prefer to come to my blog, there will be links here as well!
I’m all about making shopping easier,
and I love having direct links to go too when I see an item that I love!
So no more searching babes, shopping my looks just got a whole lot easier!!

Okay, on to todays outfit!

//  Dress // Booties // Earrings  // Necklace //

I’ve been eyeing this dress in the rust color for SO long now,
I needed a new dress for a friends wedding this Sunday and they ended up not having my size in the rust color.
Which was actually totally fine because the black was G O R G E O U S.
However, looking back I definitely could’ve gone with the XS instead of the S!
The fit runs big so I would suggest sizing down if you decide to order one.
Okay, let’s talk about these booties…
I caved in and purchased them last year and it was the best decision EVER.
I love the pointed toe, and they are so comfy, even while pregnant I can wear them all day!
I’m definitely going to get them in brown this year, they are a MUST.
I’ll link the brown color for y’all HERE.

We drove back home from Dallas late last night because
we have our 20 week anatomy scan this morning!!
So i’m off to eat a healthy breakfast and get ready to see my baby boy!
Happy Monday y’all!

It takes me a little longer to get ready these days now that my body is changing so much!
Clothes just don’t fit me the way that they used too,
I can wear things that I used to look terrible in, and I can’t wear some of my all time favorite pieces.
The struggle is SO real, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.
I snapped this pic super quick as I was heading out the door yesterday!
Apologies for the poor quality/poor lighting iPhone pic, sometimes that’s just all ya got time for!

Camo Tee // Jeans // Booties {seriously y’all I never take these off} // Bag

I wore this casual little outfit to an impromptu girls night last night!
Since being pregnant, I’m all about comfort, and this tee is JUST that.
The material is crazy soft and I love that it’s just the right length for a growing bump!
{Don’t worry, I’ve included a direct link to order it}
It’s a total must have for literally any season, looks adorable by itself and is so easy to layer!

I’m going to be sharing a post on my favorite maternity stores later this week,
but I might as well fill y’all in on one of them today,
which is PinkBlush!
They carry regular sizes as well, but I have been a HUGE fan of their maternity line!
Their prices aren’t outrageous, the clothes are super comfy and great quality.
I’ve been on the hunt for some good maternity jeans, and I’ve scored my two favorite pairs
from PinkBlush!
So if you want to stay fashionable during pregnancy make sure you check them out!

I’ve got a busy day of errands today and then TOMORROW we get to see our baby!
We have our 20 week ultrasound/anatomy scan and I couldn’t be more excited
to see how much he’s grown!
If you think about it, please be praying that all goes well and that he’s healthy and growing properly.

Happy Hump Day y’all!!

I’ve never been a huge fan of “outfit repeating” but I’ve always been a fan of buying items
that can easily be styled multiple different ways!
Whenever I saw this little OTS dress I knew it was a *must have* this Fall,
not to mention is was only 10 bucks!! I decided to dedicate todays post to styling this dress 3 different ways! I have a feeling you’ll be seeing this dress a lot around here!

Look #1

Dress // Sweater // Boots // Necklace

Look #2

Dress // Booties

Look #3

Dress// Chambray top// Sneaks

Which look is your fav?!

Happy Tuesday Babes!!