Hello January!!!

Okay, is this skirt not the cutest thing ever?!
It’s on sale for only $35 right now! ShopPinkBlush seriously has THE best and most unique pieces.
I know I talk about this store all the time, and I think a lot of you have a feeling that they only carry
maternity clothing…wellp, news flash. They carry regular sizes as well!!!!!

// Skirt // Booties //

Okay, I am SO EXCITED about this year!!
Not only do I finally get to meet my sweet baby boy but I get to take on a whole new role as Mommy,
and watch the love of my life become a Dad!!
I am 31 weeks pregnant as of Sunday and I just know these next 9 weeks are going to FLY by.

Kyle and I just got back home yesterday after a weekend in the Valley with family
and we totally went to bed at 8pm last night lol
Which meanssssss I’m full of energy this morning and maybe, I just migggghhhtttttt
do a little nesting…I think Kyle’s asked me 20 times when that phase of pregnancy is going to kick in lol

I asked all of you on Insagram yesterday if you would prefer to see more
fashion/beauty posts or family/lifestyle posts this year…
and I was SO SHOCKED at the outcome!!
More than 80% of you chose family/lifestyle,
so looks like you’ll be seeing a lot more of those posts this year!
Don’t worry though, I’ll still be sharing my outfits regularly!

Well I hope everyone enjoys their first “real” day of 2018,
make it a good one!!!

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