What’s in my hospital bag?? (also included husband & baby bag)

I remember before I got pregnant I would daydream of precious moments like this…
So I’m currently soaking up every minute while I can.

It’s official, we are nearing the home stretch!!
I’m just a few days away from being 35 weeks and I am the type that likes to be totally prepared.
I’ve been wanting to get this post up for y’all for a while now but I also wanted to make sure it was REALLY helpful and informative.

It took me so long to figure out what on earth to pack for myself.
This is my first baby and I really have no idea what to expect!
I reached out to a few friends of mine who recently had babies and also did a whole lot of
research and came across some great lists!

Honestly all of the lists/info was a little overwhelming and every list has something different!
So I’ve somewhat been putting this off…

Well, I finally just sat down last weekend and made a packing list for:
1. Myself
2. My Husband
3. and BABY!!

I’ll share each of our lists and include direct links to the items if possible!


Have these accessible in an outside pocket:
1. Chapstick/Gum (apparently your mouth gets super dry during labor)
2. Hair tie (you are not going to want your hair all up in your face during labor)
3. Phone Charger
Clothing for me: (linking each item in order below this list, just scroll through to see all items)
Robe (this is the exact one that I’m bringing but I linked a cute one below as well)
2. Slippers// Flip flops for shower
3. Nursing bra/ Top/ Pads/ Silverette Cups
4. Sweatpants/Stretchy leggings
5. Sweater/Cardigan
6. Warm socks
7. Going home outfit — (I may just end up wearing my sweats but…)  I’m thinking of packing some stretchy comfy jeans, a casual top that works for nursing & my converse or some type of comfy shoe!

Toiletries for me:
Makeup – I know myself, and know that there will be lots of photos being taken & I’ll want to look somewhat put together once he’s here!
2. Make up remover wipes
3. Hair Brush/ Hair Clip
4. Toothbrush/ Toothpaste/ Deodorant
5. Shower Essentials/ Lotion/ your own towel
6. Granny Panties/Pads/Depends Diapers — Y’all my diapers came in yesterday and I’m honestly PUMPED.
7. Glasses
9. Nursing pillow/Boppy
10. Breast pump/accessories (so they can teach you how to use it)
Your hospital will most likely have a pump for you to use and apparently they’re better and                                                           stronger than the pump you’ll have at home! But DO bring yourself some nipple cream!!

Camera – for better quality photos
2. SNACKS – this was on EVERY single list.
3. Baby book


1. SNACKS – labor & delivery typically lasts a LONG time and your man is going to get hungry
2. Toiletries
3. Change of clothes
4. Pillow/Blanket
5. Flip flops for shower

(Some hospitals provide you with a TON of things so you really may not need all of this stuff, but if you’re overly cautious and like to be overly prepared then you can follow my list!)

1. Car seat – obviously not actually in the bag…
2. Light blanket for car seat
3. Swaddling blankets
4. Hats/Mittens
5. Burp cloths
6. NB-3 month sleepers and onesies
7. Diapers (will most likely be provided)
8. Going home outfit

Okay, THAT’S IT!
All you experienced mamas please feel free to comment and let me know if I’ve left anything out or included something that’s totally not necessary! And if you’re a new/soon to be mama please leave me a comment letting me know what you think/if this was helpful for you!!
And if you’re not a mama or soon to be mama but still over here reading this I LOVE YOU.
This was a SUPER requested post so I hope it was as helpful as all of you were hoping!
Love y’all so much.


  1. Casie
    January 25, 2018 / 11:24 am

    I always wear black tanks or nursing tops and black leggings or sweats because fluids of all kinds are all over the place! Lol! Also have a back up going home outfit for him in case there’s a pee or poop out the diaper/spit up emergency. Just ensures you will have perfect going home pictures! And just take home everything you can! Extra ice packs for “down there” and the spray snd squirt bottle they give you as well as diapers/wipes/vaseline for his swollen and painful boy parts. 😉

    • Emily
      January 25, 2018 / 12:41 pm

      I’m due in May with my first, so what do I really know (lol), buuut I’m thinking I’ll bring eye drops (red eyes from pushing/crying/exhaustion/dry hospital air), earplugs, a sleep mask should I have a chance to sleep at all, a portable fan, essential oils & diffuser, nipple cream, and a bathing suit top or something similar should I labor in the shower and not want to be completely nude.

      • monicaleeee
        January 28, 2018 / 2:14 pm

        Girl, yes! All super great items – I forgot I wanted to bring a bathing suit top in case I want to labor in the bath. THANK YOU for reminding me!!

  2. Katie
    January 25, 2018 / 2:27 pm

    An empty bag for all the extra stuff they let you take home and a folder for all the paperwork! TRUST ME. Getting so excited for you 🙂

    • monicaleeee
      January 28, 2018 / 2:13 pm

      Omg yes, so good to know!! EEEEEE I can’t believe how close we’re getting!!

  3. Tracalyn
    January 26, 2018 / 1:26 pm

    I love your blog! I’m a fellow Houstonian .. due June 1st, THANK YOU for posting a list that’s way less complicating than the ones I’ve found on Pinterest! I hope your delivery is a breeze, and look forward to the continued posts!

    • monicaleeee
      January 28, 2018 / 2:12 pm

      I’m SOSO glad this list was better than others you’ve found!! and YAY congrats girl!! I’ll be sure to do an update after delivery if I feel like I left anything important out of my bag!

  4. Sarah
    January 28, 2018 / 1:28 am

    Bring Gatorade for electrolytes! You’re right you get mad dry mouth but trust me there’s no time for gum you are too busy pushing like a Muther trucker!! I had emergence c the vitamin c drink during labour. Also I did not plan on pushing all day to then have a c section but hey we’re both healthy and happy!
    So bring an iPad if there’s no tv it gets real boring.
    Also I made a bunch of padsicles .. witches hazel + water on a tena pad and freeze it! Makes aaaammazing ice packs for your lady bitz
    Too all the mumas getting ready for labour … you got this!! Trust your body!! 💋💋

  5. Melanie
    January 29, 2018 / 12:37 pm

    My husband and I are in the TTC phase, but I will definitely refer back to this when it comes time to packing a bag! I have been following your journey and am so pumped for you! Thanks so much for sharing this and everything else along the way! xoxo

    • monicaleeee
      February 5, 2018 / 10:22 am

      Omg SO exciting Melanie!!!

  6. February 16, 2018 / 1:40 pm

    All great items. The hospital will most likely give you a bag of ginormous pads and the disposable underwear (so nice so you don’t ruin any personal ones). Definitely bring an eye mask. The nurses come in every couple of hours to check on you and massage your uterus. Or at least that’s how it was for me so having a mask to not actually have to wake up completely was so nice. I wouldn’t take any super cute/expensive clothing because you will have tons of bleeding and leaking of all sorts. If you have him vaginally. I learned that the hard way with my first baby. Also, before you leave the hospital make sure they give you a sitz bath to take home! I didn’t have one with my first but did with my second and it was seriously life changing! Strap that postpartum girdle on as soon as they let you take a shower. It makes you feel more put together. SO excited for you, mama! Can’t wait to see him!!

  7. Tracy
    February 16, 2018 / 9:21 pm

    I’ve heard mommas suggest bringing your pump since each one is different and you can have the lactation consultants help you with yours!

  8. Nicole
    February 17, 2018 / 3:06 am

    I’m a woman who is ttc and I’m so glad you included moms to be or women who aren’t moms yet. Alot of ppl think if you’re a woman with no children you don’t deserve their attention and are less than. Thank you for not being like that

  9. Ashlee
    March 31, 2018 / 5:32 pm

    36 weeks pregnant and just came across your Instagram/blog. I wish I would have earlier in my pregnancy! What a beautiful little family you have! I plan to pack my hospital bag this weekend, anything you would have added to your original list?

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