A glimpse inside Hayes’s Nursery

Happy Thursday!
I am FINALLY sharing Hayes’s nursery with y’all and I’m so excited about it!
I’ll be linking every item that’s still available/in stock and I’ll also be linking similar items for those things that are no longer available at the bottom of this post.

As soon as I found out that I was having a little boy
I had this perfect vision of what his nursery was going to look like…
And Hayes’s nursery looks nothing like that vision… HA! BUT it’s perfect and it’s his.
Hayes’s nursery is definitely my favorite place in the house to hang out,
I remember before he was born I would just sit in there and daydream of what
he was going to look like and be like.
I’m so happy with how his nursery turned out and before I bombard y’all with pictures I wanted to talk about TWO specific items that I L O V E!
If you haven’t heard of Lorena Canals then HOLY SMOKES you’re missing out!
I actually didn’t discover her shop/items until the nursery was pretty much complete,
but that didn’t stop me from getting at least two of her items!
The best part about her products is that all of her items are natural and machine washable!
Now that Hayes is 6 weeks, I’m realizing just how important it is to have machine washable items,
because goodness gracious babies are messy, and they only get messier the bigger they get!

That pom pom blanket and the tassel pillow in the crib are both from her shop and they are beyond precious! The majority of her items are very unique and make a statement but since my nursery was pretty much complete already I decided to go with two things that were fairly neutral and I could move around in the room! Sometimes I have this pillow in the crib and sometimes I have it laying by the book shelf for decoration! I love the rug we currently have but once Hayes gets a little bigger I’m 100% planning on snagging one of her adorable rugs.
I’ve got my eye on {THIS} one and love the fact that I can just throw it in the washing machine!

Alright, here are some more photos!

So many bloggers get professional photographers to capture their nursery which is
UH MAZING…But this mama aint got time or money for that, so apologies if these aren’t the best photos you’ve ever seen! haha
Linking everything for y’all below!

Hope everyone has a great day!!



  1. April 13, 2018 / 11:20 am

    So so cute girl, good job! AND I think the photos are great 😉 don’t even worry about that!

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