Hayes’s Bedtime Routine

Happy Tuesday y’all!!
Life has been crazy and I’ve been majorly slacking on getting blog posts up.
Hayes is just a little over 1 month old and we FINALLY have a bed time routine locked down for him!
So I figured i’d share that with y’all today, because as a new mama, I always loved reading about what other families do to get their babes ready for bedtime!

So we DO have a routine, however we don’t exactly have a set “bed time” for Hayes yet.
Our lives have been crazy, and we have visitors nonstop so our schedules are just all over the place.
Once things calm down a bit we’ll choose a time to put Hayes down every night but for now,
we just do our bed time routine whenever we get to it!

{sidenote: Every item I mention will be pictured and linked at the bottom of this post! OR you can just click the words throughout the post to go directly to the items – whichever you prefer}

So most babies have “fussy hours”, Hayes tends to get fussy from about 8pm-1am.
It’s usually either because of gas, or he just wants to be held/rocked.
So before his nighttime feedings I try to give him some gripe water to help with tummy issues.
If he’s crying more than usual and acting like he’s in a lot of pain then we’ll give him some simethicone drops – but we try to limit how often we give those!

For about the first month I would go to bed around 8 and Kyle would take the first shift so I could get some rest and have a little energy to take over for the rest of the night.
We just recently started putting Hayes in his bassinet but in the beginning he would sleep in between us in bed in his Dock a tot  {take $10 off any dock when you use my link}

Since Kyle is back at work I pretty much do the night time shift by myself, and honestly Hayes is pretty good the majority of the time so it’s not too bad!
Kyle would totally still take the first shift if I wanted him too but we were really missing getting to go to bed together at night so we’ve switched things up so we can all go to bed as a family.

Okay so in the evenings we dim all the lights and if the TV is on we try to keep the volume pretty low.
We bathe Hayes every night, but we only use soap on Tuesdays and Fridays, the other nights we kind of just rinse him off and get him to relax!
We’ll either bathe him together in the sink with our puj tub or I’ll put him in the bath with me.
I’ve put him in the bath with me the past two times and it’s the sweetest/best thing ever.
It’s also way more relaxing for both of us and he seems to enjoy it a little more.
During bath time I like to put his favorite hooded towel in the dryer so it’s nice and warm for him when he gets out!
So once we dry him off and let him warm up in his favorite towel we put a clean diaper on him,
lay him on a towel on the couch and get him ready for his nightly massage! (lucky kid)
Every night we massage him all over with organic coconut oil to help keep his skin moisturized and to also help his tummy/gas.
During the massage I focus on rubbing his tummy in circle like motions and also do bicycles with his legs and knees to chest motions just to get his body really relaxed // help with gas.
Once he’s all lathered up from head to toe I put two drops of Gentle Baby essential oil on his tummy and rub that in.
He LOVES the smell and I truly believe it helps him relax and sleep better at night.
After his massage we’ll put him in a tank onesie and one of his favorite saddles, the Ollie, or the Embe 

After he’s swaddled one of us will get our bedroom ready, we like to diffuse Lavender and Sleepyize at night time and the diffuser also makes for a good little night light! Once the diffuser is going we get the shusher going as well and then we’ll bring Hayes in there!
Every now and then we’ll be able to time it perfectly and he’ll be hungry right after his massage.
If he’s hungry we’ll head to bed and i’ll nurse him in bed and he’ll usually be pretty sleepy and I can just set him directly in his bassinet afterwards and he’ll fall fast asleep.

If he ends up being wide eyed after his massage then one of us will walk around and rock him to sleep or we’ll set him in his rock and play while the other preps the room!

During the day Hayes will eat about every 2-3 hours but lately at night it’s been about every 3-4 which is super nice! But I’ll go into all that in my post about Breastfeeding later this week!

I feel like this post was super random but hopefully y’all enjoyed it or found it helpful.
REALLY going to try and get my breastfeeding post up sometime this week as well!!

Here’s a list of all of the items I mentioned – just click the photo to shop!

Hope everyone has a great day!!


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