I typically hate taking my “outfit photos” in front of others,
but for some reason these guys behind me watching made me feel totally comfortable…
There’s nothing I love more than finding gorgeous pieces that I can wear during and
after pregnancy! This dress is totally not maternity, but looks adorable while pregnant!!
Cleo Madison has SO many cute items that can be worn during and after pregnancy,
and gosh pretty much every item looks ridiculously comfy.

// Dress // Booties //

If you’ve been on the hunt for modest clothing that’s still trendy, and super comfortable,
you’ve GOT to head over to CleoMadison!!
I’m going to link a few of my other fav dresses on their site for y’all below!
Here, here & here.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

A relaxing weekend was JUST what I needed after the week I had,
and I’m so happy to say that that’s JUST what I got!
Kyle and I went to this local {& adorable} little breakfast cafe with Kyle’s brother & sis in law
yesterday morning and I kind of want to go back every day for the rest of my life.
A little mad at myself for not taking photos of the actual cafe and the food,
but I did snap a pic while we were sitting outside waiting for the food (pictured below)

I’ve been dying to wear these camo pants lately but I haven’t tried them on since
being pregnant, GOOD NEWS, they still fit!!!!
The stretchy/adjustable waistband is perfect for growing bumps.

// Tee // Vest // Camo pants // Booties //

If you follow me on Instagram you saw on my stories how amazing the food looked.
Happy to say, it tasted just as incredible as it appeared!
After breakfast Kyle and I went back to the house to relax for an hour or two,
then hopped right back up to meet his Dad & stepmom for lunch!
Baby boy and I were very well fed yesterday.

Oh, totally off subject but totally serious question,
do any of y’all know of a safe self tanner while pregnant?!
I cannot handle being pale, it just does not look cute on me and I need HELP.
Send me an email or leave a comment if you have any suggestions!!!

Happy Monday!!

Hey y’all!
I’ve never done a post like this but thought it may be fun, so please let me know
if you want me to do more posts like these!!
I want to start doing “Friday Favorites” every week where I share my current favorite items,
whether they are already in my closet, or currently in my shopping cart!

Some of the items I’ll be sharing with y’all today I have been eyeing forever and just haven’t taken the plunge, and some I’ve already ordered but haven’t received yet!
Some of these are maternity items but the majority are regular sized items!!

Kyle and I just booked a trip to San Diego for a little baby moon getaway,
and I am SO pumped!!!
I’ve never been to California, so if any of you have any “must see”, “must do” or “must eat”
things in mind, please send them over my way!!!
We’ll be going towards the beginning of December.

So today I’m sharing some items that I’ve already purchased for the trip,
and some items that are currently in my shopping cart!
Let’s do this…

Oh and PS: Each item is shoppable! If you scroll over the image it will show you the price, then just CLICK and it’ll take you directly to the item!

Let me know if you’ve been eyeing any of these items as well,
or if you end up ordering something!!
Happy Friday!!

// Top // Jeans // Jacket (old) Similar // Booties //

I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but I promise i’m not lying when I say
that this is hands down one of the comfiest tops that I’ve worn since being pregnant.
The material is so soft, and it has the perfect amount of stretch for my growing bump!
Shout out to ShopPinkBlush for always hooking me up with the best of the best.

My closet is really thinning out when it comes to what fits me these days,
so I love finding comfortable pieces that are easy to layer, and create different outfits with,
this top is PERFECT for that.
I keep telling y’all that I’m going to do a post of my favorite maternity shops,
and I PROMISE it is cominggggg, just be patient with me!
I really want to try out a good amount of stores before I give y’all a list of my favs!

Today’s post is going to have to be short and sweet,
Life has been a tad crazy lately…
I completely forgot that yesterday was Halloween!
Of course I’ve just been daydreaming of all of the cute outfits we get to put
on baby boy next year..SO ready for him to be here!!

Happy Wednesday babes!

I am officially 22 weeks pregnant and feeling bigger than ever!
Figured i’d do one of these little “bump date” posts today,
mainly for me to remember, but hopefully y’all will enjoy it as well!!

How far along are you? 22 weeks and 1 day!
What fruit are you? Well, one app told me baby is the size of a burger, another one told me a coconut, and another told me a papaya! Soooo….there ya go!
Due Date? March 4th! But secretly hoping he comes a tinyyyy bit earlier
Gender: Boy! Hayes Wyatt
Total weight gain/loss: I had gained about 15 lbs at my 20 week appointment, I officially weigh the most I have ever weighed!
Exercise: Gosh i’m trying! It’s definitely not as easy as I was hoping it would be, but i’ve been doing 30 minute work outs every now and then and just modifying the moves, and also walking every day!
Stretch marks: None so far, Hoping it stays that way!
Swelling: No swelling yet, however if i’m on my feet all day they tend to feel about 500 lbs
Maternity clothes: Oh that’s a big YES, give me all the stretchy pants please. Seems like I’m even growing out of those these days!
Belly button: In! I have an oddly deep belly button so I’m thinking it may stay this way! haha
Sleep: Lots of tossing and turning, baby boy LOVES to kick me at night!
Food cravings: Yellow gatorade, milk…been craving candy/sweets more!
Symptoms: Lower back pain, heavy boobs lol!
Movement: SO much movement, all throughout the day. Seriously the best feeling in the whole entire world. I could just stare at my tummy all day long.
What I miss: Fitting into all of my normal clothes lol
What I’m loving: Watching my body change, feeling those sweet kicks, preparing his nursery.
What i’m looking forward too: Seeing this baby boys sweet face, Watching Kyle be a dad, and just alllllllll the baby snuggles.
Best moment this week: Seeing his kicks on the outside of my tummy!
Words of wisdom: Pregnancy is such an incredible thing. People say it all the time but it really is crazy what our bodies are capable of. Give yourself grace during pregnancy, don’t be too hard on yourself. Try to enjoy every moment and every bump along the way. There are good days and there are hard days and that’s just the way it is, soak it all up mama!!!!