Friday Favorites – Postpartum clothing *musts*

Okay y’all, I’m totally aware that some of you are rolling your eyes at this post.
Mainly because I’ve never had a baby so you’re probably thinking…
“How the hell will you know what you’ll want to wear after you give birth?!”
BUT I’ve had friends have babies, and I’ve done A LOT of research.
With that being said, there’s not a doubt in my mind that the majority of the time I’ll be in my husbands sweatpants and a nasty grungy shirt with breast milk and spit up all over it.
I mean, I’m not an idiot guys…I know motherhood is not all rainbows and butterflies.
BUT I also know, that for me personally, I’m going to want a few items on hand that I can throw on that are still super comfortable, but will also make me feel a little more put together and pretty.

**So that’s what today’s post is all about – comfortable and CUTE items for the new mama who just wants to feel human again**

PS: I’m having my baby in the Spring, so most of these items are for Spring/Summer,
if you love this post and want me to do another one with Fall/Winter postpartum clothing items just leave me a comment letting me know!!

As far as tops go, loose and flowy will be your BFF.
I’m sharing some adorable options for every occasion – and almost all of them are nursing friendly!
1. When you’re chillin’ at home and want to be comfy & simple but have guests coming over
2. You have an event to be at and need something a little dressier
3. You have a family get together and want to be cute but still comfortable
4. You and your man have your very first date night
5. You gotta get to church and praise Jesus and ask him for some patience cause you haven’t slept in 6 weeks.

Now, bottoms are something that are going to take a little longer to fit…mainly jeans/shorts.
So I’m thinking leggings/joggers/sweats are going to be my main choice those first few weeks.
I mean, if I’m completely honest those first few weeks i’ll probably be wearing a diaper and Kyles sweatpants…
BUT I’m sharing some cute items for those days when ya need a little pick me up or have someone stopping by or actually need to leave the house for something and need to look more put together!!
Also including some great jeans/shorts options for when the baby weight starts coming off!

Let’s talk postpartum dresses…I feel like this would be the “easiest” thing as far as just throwing something on and trying to get out the door.
I’ve definitely got a few Tshirt dresses already in my cart and ready to be purchased.
A simple Tshirt dress paired with some comfy tennis shoes will most likely be my “go to” simple look.
However, I do have a few weddings to go too not long after baby is born so I’m including some nicer options as well!

I really really hope y’all actually enjoyed this post and felt like it was helpful and didn’t just roll your eyes the entire time.
I just know myself, and know that i’ll want to have some cute clothing options that will make me feel good no matter how exhausted I am.
So hopefully you were able to find some pieces that you love and can order for after baby arrives. I hope when you look at them hanging in your closet when you’re mid panic/breakdown you think of me and smile and say, damn – she was right!!! ūüėČ haha

Happy Friday y’all!!

Friday Favorites – Maternity Activewear

It’s finally Friday, and it was SUPPOSED to be a very exciting Friday for me, because I thought we were going to get to see our baby boy…BUT unfortunately we had to reschedule the appointment for next week…whomp. But that’s okay, better late than never!
{So instead of doing my normal “bumpdate” on Wednesday I’m going to have it up for y’all after our appointment Thursday!}

As promised, today’s post is all about maternity activewear.
I’m going to link a bunch of cute options for y’all, and if you happen to click on something and notice that it isn’t maternity, that’s because I actually own it and have worn it while pregnant so I’m sure you’ll be able too as well!

As far as support goes, Blanqi is my absolute favorite brand. I have a pair of their maternity support leggings (wearing them in the photo above), as well as one of their maternity support tanks and if I’m planning on jogging or doing any kind of up and down activity where my belly REALLY needs support I always go to these items!

For trendier activewear at a good price – I go to ShopPinkBlush,
They have a wide variety of maternity activewear and it’s all reasonably priced!

Okay, here are some cute items I found that I think y’all may like as well!
See something you like? Just click the image and it’ll take you directly to the site where you can purchase it!

Hope everyone has the best weekend!

Friday Favorites – Best clothing stores to shop for baby

Whether you’re having your first or your 8th,¬†shopping for a new baby is always the best freaking thing ever.
My little boy is due March 4th and I think my absolute favorite things during this pregnancy have been shopping/buying him little outfits and decorating his nursery.
Let me tell ya though, It can be hard finding unique/cute clothes that aren’t ridiculously over priced.
With a new addition¬†coming into the family, that also means new expenses…
which means, nobodyyyyy wants to spend $60 on a shirt that baby will grow out of in a week.
Today’s Friday Favorites post is all about my favorite places to buy baby clothing (so far)
Obviously I’m still new at this whole thing!

I’ll link a few different stores and also share a few of my favorite items from each that you can click on and shop!!

Super Affordable
Target, H&M, Old Navy/Gap, Zara
Here are a few cute options from these stores. All of these have TONS of options and tons of different styles…(I’m not able to link items for y’all from Zara because they aren’t integrated with rewardStyle BUT they have the freaking cutest stuff ever!!!)

More unique items/still affordable
Etsy¬†– Etsy is such a great spot for special/unique/custom outfits and accessories and most Etsy shops are super affordable, and an added bonus – you’re helping out a small business!!

Higher Quality/Pricier
Nordstrom, Spearmint Baby

Swaddle Love

Adorable Childrens Boutiques

¬†This post was WAY more work than I thought it was going to be, but I’m hoping some of you soon to be mamas will find your new favorite place to shop for your little one(s)!!
Hope y’all have a great weekend!!

Friday Favorites – Shoes on S A L E

Happy Friday!!!
So I actually created this post for y’all last week, so I’m hoping the majority of these shoes
are still on sale. I went and checked a few different ones and they still were so, FINGERS CROSSED.

When you scroll over each item, that price most likely doesn’t reflect the sale price!
For instance, some of these items you need a discount code and it will tell you the code once you
get to that individual website!
Like GoodnightMacaroon, they’re actually having 30% off their entire site – not just shoes, SCORE.

I’ll see you babes next year,
Have the best weekend ever!!!

Friday Favorites – Maternity Pajamas!!

It’s Friday, and it’s ALMOST Christmas!!!!!!

Okay, so I asked all of you on Instagram if you really wanted this post and I was pleasantly
surprised with just how many of you NEEDED a post like this in your life.
So today is all about maternity pajamas!
From cozy sweats all the way to sexy lingerie, I’ve got ya covered!
And the best part is all of these options are SUPER affordable.

I’m actually really sad that I didn’t purchase more maternity pajamas,
I think I’m going to have to grab one or two of those Asos jammies, they’re just too cute!
It’s SO important to feel comfy while sleeping during pregnancy.
Hopefully some of these options help all you mamas to be!

I probably won’t have another post up until Tuesday so
Merry Christmas everyone!!!