Our Kitchen Makeover – & How we did it!

Well friends, Quarantine has done good things for this little home of ours! Now that Kyle has all this extra time on his hands he’s ALL about staying busy and taking on all of the projects I’ve been begging him to do for the last two years, haha! The main one being our cabinets!! Kyle pretty much did all of the work on the cabinets while I kept Hayes entertained during the day. It was a LONG and exhausting and chaotic and somewhat stressful few days but the outcome was BEYOND worth it. Keep in mind, it won’t take you near as long as us if you don’t have a wild toddler running around! I think the biggest pain was the kitchen being a disaster, meal time was always super difficult…but honestly I’d do it all over again now knowing how happy I’d be with the finished project and all I can think about is goshhhhh WHY didn’t we do this sooner!! 

Here is the AFTER.

Here is the BEFORE.

& here is a closeup of the backsplash! 



Since so many of you have questions and have been wanting to paint your cabinets too I figured I would put together a super easy “what you need” guide and then step by step instructions on exactly what we did!
So here is what you’ll need!
(we actually used Valspar cabinet paint but it wasn’t an option to link)

-Take cabinets off one by one, Remove first cabinet, label it A (we used painters tape) and then put all of the hardware in a baggy and label it A as well. Continue doing this (obviously with different letters) with all of the cabinets and their hardware! 
-Use soap & water to wipe down all surfaces that will be painted, making sure to get any grease off!
-Use TSP spray on all cabinets after wiping off soap and water (follow instructions on bottle)
-Lightly sand all areas with 220 grit sand paper 
-Wipe down well!
-Lightly caulk all cabinet door panels (use white if you’re painting white)
-Used paint sprayer (in garage) with primer did one coat on front and back 
we let the paint dry a few hours before using the real paint
-Used paint sprayer to paint all cabinets (we did 2 coats)
We used color ALABASTER on both the cabinets and the backsplash and love it!! 

We also used the paint sprayer inside too, if you do this make sure you cover EVERYTHING!
We followed all of the same steps as above!

We didn’t cover the floors well enough and had to buy some paint remover to get a lot of splatter marks off the tile.

This was shockingly SUPER easy…I just wiped it all down with water and then did 2 coats of primer (same as cabinets) let that dry overnight, and then did 3 coats of the paint (same as cabinets) The backsplash is my favorite part! We did a tester and we both thought it was going to look horrible but so many of you encouraged us to DO IT! Even while I was painting it I wasn’t convinced it was going to look good but once it was all done and dry I was completely IN LOVE!!

We spent about $150 on everything.
We already owned a paint sprayer because Kyle does so many projects! 

If you’ve been wanting to paint your cabinets there is NO better time then now!! 
Go for it, you will not regret it… (well maybe you will during)
but you will not regret it afterwards!! hahaha 

A glimpse into our master bedroom + an AMAZING deal you don’t want to miss!

Today’s post is something I am SOSO excited about!
I don’t share too much “home decor” stuff on here or Instagram but I’ve been getting a lot of requests to share more home decor/lifestyle posts so I’m definitely going to start doing that for y’all.

and what better way to kick that off than with an AMAZING deal!?
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{No, that gorgeous canvas photo doesn’t stay on our bed!! haha
I haven’t found the perfect spot for it yet so I figured I’d just set it here to show y’all how gorgeous it is}

Okay let’s talk about this deal…

If there’s one thing that’s essential to make any house feel more like home it’s beautiful photos that take you back to some of the best days of your life.
I have ALWAYS been obsessed with taking photos, making memories and having a photo to look back on has always been incredibly special and important to me.
I have been dying to create a “gallery wall” in our home but keep putting it off because the nursery has been priority lately!
Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled when Photography.com reached out to me and wanted to send me one of their canvases and offer ALL OF YOU a deal that you just couldn’t resist.

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They offer standard and thick edge options.
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I’m thinking of creating the gallery wall in our bedroom, I can’t wait to show y’all how it turns out!

Happy Hump Day y’all!!