Life Update + Date Night

Things are going to be changing a little bit in my world soon!

I officially applied to be a Substitute Teacher this year!


As much as I love being at home, blogging, and running my online boutique.

The income right now just isn’t as consistent as I would like…

and to be completely honest, I NEED HUMAN INTERACTION.

I’m hoping I’ll hear back from them sometime this week so I can start soon!

Not only am I excited about getting out of the house,

but I actually have an excuse to create a cute look multiple times a week!!

{whoop whoop}

My pregnancy has left me SO tired all the time, 

so this will be a good way to get up and moving and hopefully be more productive. 

Kyle and I went on a little date night on Friday, 

which means I FINALLY washed my hair and changed out of my sweatpants! 


We went to Shogun, one of those Japanese Grills where they cook in front of you!

If you’ve never been to a restaurant like this, you typically sit at a big table with random people.

Kyle and I were the first to arrive, and then a girl and her mom arrived after us and sat by us,

and then a family of four…

I’m leaving out a bunch of little details BUT the main reason i’m telling y’all this story is because….

E V E R Y  S I N G L E person at the table {besides Kyle and I} was on an electronic device

the entire freaking dinner!!!!!!

Guys, it was so weird.

Nobody even said hi to us, and NO ONE was talking,

which made it uncomfortable for Kyle and I to have a conversation because 

they were all sitting at the same table as us and it was SO quiet they could hear every word

that we said to each other.

It was seriously the weirdest and saddest thing. 

Anyways, I’m telling all of you this to say, please don’t be those people.

In a world where we’re all addicted to our phones and technology, myself included.

DO NOT let it get so bad that you can’t even enjoy a dinner with your family.

I’ll be the first to admit, that yes, I love social media, and the internet and all of the above.

But I do everything I can to still be in the moment as much as possible,

and to not let it hurt my relationships and friendships.

Hell, I give all of you who are reading this that hang out with me to CALL ME OUT,

if i’m ever with you and i’m not paying attention to you because i’m on my phone.

I D O  N O T ever want to be that person. 

Okay, rant over. 

Time to get off the internet and get some work done and do something outside in this

UH MAZING weather God has been blessing us with lately!

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday!

Surviving The First Trimester

Happy Friday, and thanks for hoppin’ over here!
This week has been flyyyying by, and this post was totally supposed to be up Tuesday.

I wanted to share a few things with y’all that helped me survive the dreaded first trimester.

Hopefully it will help some of you who are newly pregnant or hoping to become pregnant.

And for those of you who’ve had similar experiences to mine, 

hopefully it makes you feel understood.

Before getting pregnant, I always knew that when I DID become pregnant

I would make some serious life changes.

I would eat only organic, I would eat veggies with every meal,

I wouldn’t overeat and I would read every label that was either going 

on or in my body.
 Oh, and I would work out every single day, even if it was just 15 minutes of moving.


Well, those were all great and beautiful thoughts….

BUT that’s not exactly how my pregnancy has played out so far.

When I initially found out that I was pregnant I was about 4 weeks.

I didn’t really have any symptoms besides feeling tired and having sore boobs.

Piece of cake, totally manageable.

I swear the MINUTE I reached 6 weeks, the nausea hit.

I am one of the lucky ones, and I never actually threw up.

But I had pretty bad nausea on and off from week 6 through week 9.
And the bloating…holy crap the bloating was on another level, and painful!
So I wanted to share with y’all a couple things that helped me manage all of the
not so fun things that come with the first trimester of pregnancy.

So not only did nausea hit me at 6 weeks, but so did food aversions.
Literally ALL vegetables made me gag uncontrollably.

I could not get a vegetable down for the life of me.

The thought of anything healthy would immediately make me nauseous.
At first, this REALLY stressed me out.
I was so worried that the baby wasn’t getting the nutrients it needed.

It wasn’t until a sweet friend of mine gifted me the book,
 “Belly Laughs” by Jenny Mccarthy that I really stopped stressing.
If you’re in the midst of your first trimester, or hell, ANYWHERE in your pregnancy.
I HIGHLY recommend this book.
It is SO freaking relatable and hilarious and will make you feel so much better
and realize that everything that’s going on with you is N O R M A L.
(including being disgusted with vegetables)

Baby boy has been surviving on ALL THE CARBS.

I was REALLY concerned about not getting enough veggies at first,

but apparently being disgusted by all things healthy is fairly common.
However, I have been taking a shot of Ningxia Red every day,
so that has definitely helped ease my mind.
If y’all are interested I’ll do another post about Ningxia
 explaining what it is and why it’s UH MAZING for you & baby.
It was something I took occasionally before pregnancy
but knew it was an absolute MUST when I actually did become pregnant!

For me, the nausea was totally random,
and if I ever let myself get hungry at all it would worsen x100.
I made sure to keep crackers with me at ALL times.
That would almost always settle my stomach and make me feel better.
Even if I wasn’t hungry, munching on them always helped!

Once week 9 hit I would get constant headaches and back pain.

I refused to take any meds in the first trimester but I did use some {young living} essentials oils.

If you’re like me and are B L O A T E D like crazy during the first trimester,

then stock up on some peppermint oil!

Whenever I was painfully bloated I would just rub a few drops on my tummy.

Whenever the headaches hit I would rub a few drops of Panaway oil on my temples.

Those really did help, But if i’m being 100% honest, 

the only thing that would FULLY help me feel better during the first trimester was a good ‘ol bath.

NOW….Baths aren’t highly recommended during pregnancy.

Some people say “absolutely DO NOT take one”, some say they are “totally fine”.

I would always make sure that the water was warm and not super hot.

During your first trimester you don’t want to let your body temperature get too high.

But I swear y’all, I would feel like I was on my death bed,

with a mixture of nausea, migraine, bloated tummy, and body aches.

As soon as I got in the bath it would ALL go away.

Baths really helped to keep me sane during the first trimester,

and as long as your smart about the water temperature

and careful about what you put inside the bath,

I say GO FOR IT.

{As for exercise, if you’ve got enough energy to work out in your first trimester,
I didn’t and i’m totally regretting it now.
I’m attempting to start working out again, but being incredibly out of shape 
on top of being tired and pregnant makes it kind of miserable.}

The first trimester is such a crazy time, especially if it’s your first pregnancy.
You don’t know what to expect and you don’t know what’s normal.
I was so worried all the time.
If I didn’t feel like absolute crap then I was worried that something was wrong.
{please don’t be like me and do that}
Every pregnancy is different and every pregnancy is unique.
However it is totally normal to have good days and bad days.
When you have a good day, ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF IT.
Because the bad/tough days will be back before you know it.
However, if you’ve had tough days and then start losing symptoms regularly,
and by regularly I mean weeks of feeling normal/no symptoms at all
 (after previously having symptoms).
In that case I would definitely contact your doctor, just to be safe!

Today i’m officially 14 weeks and 5 days, and unfortunately i’m still tired as all hell.
I contacted my doctor yesterday and sent him some ingredient lists to
energy drinks I found, asking him if any would be safe for me!
I’ll let y’all know what he says!
To all you pregnant mamas with toddlers running around, God bless you.
You’re the real MVPs.

Hurricane Harvey

Wow. Hurricane Harvey.

The last few weeks have been devastating to so many people surrounding me.

I can’t help but to feel shame and guilt that our home went completely unaffected and untouched.

Of course, we are unbelievably grateful that we are safe and our home is okay.

Driving around and seeing all of the homes under water,

all of the homes destroyed, 

and all of the homes with every single item from inside laying in the grass, ruined,

is absolutely heartbreaking.

We only had two people in both mine and Kyles families that were affected.

Kyles cousin, one of my very best friends, Krissa, had her apartment flood.

And my parents home also flooded.

The fact that both of our families live all over Houston and only two homes were affected is an absolute miracle. 

As soon as the flooding started Kyle could not sit down and just NEEDED to do something.

(gosh, I love him)

We don’t have a boat, and we really had no way of helping,

and that was SO hard on him.

He ended up convincing one of his cousins to bring two boats down from the valley.

(Shout out to Jesus for allowing him to get to Houston safely)

Once they got the boats, Kyle and his brother and cousins spent the next few days saving people from their flooded homes.

They saved elderly, They saved young couples, They saved children, and they saved pets.

I have never in my life been more proud of those boys.

Even though they saved tons of people, those people are still left without a home and all of their memories and belongings.

Please continue to pray for Houston and all of the other areas that were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

I am so proud of Houston for coming together, and staying strong.

God bless Texas.

First Trimester Fears (that no one warned me about)

(photo taken at 9 weeks)

So the glorious day has come to an end,
the day you saw those two lines, or the words “yes+” or “pregnant” on that stick…
The day you may or may not have realized,
 “oh my freaking gosh, I’m going to be a mom”

The day I got my positive pregnancy test was easily one of the most
emotional/exciting/shocking/happiest days of my life.
It ranked up there with the proposal & wedding day.
But then there are those days/weeks/months to follow that no one really talks about,
The First Trimester.

Before you get pregnant, at least before I did,
I had a picture in my head of what my pregnancy would be like.
Whenever I envisioned the first trimester, all I pictured was
 happiness & extreme excitement, maybe a little nerves, but mostly positive thoughts,
and of course lots of planning and so much excitement and eagerness to share the good news.

Well my friends…although my first trimester was full of happiness,
it was also full of fear, worry, negative thoughts, and guilt….
Basically just a bunch of things that aren’t fun and that no one likes to talk about or admit to feeling.

I remember the first few days I felt like I couldn’t be excited,

it was too early, anything could happen.

I remember the first few days I also felt a sense of guilt,

I didnt “feel” like I always thought I would feel.

I didn’t immediately feel like a mom, I didn’t feel connected to this tiny thing growing inside of me.

I remember the first 9 days after finding out, I would always say to myself…

“Even if something bad does happen, at least I know now that I CAN get pregnant”

And then came the 10th day….

All I did was cry, I felt SO anxious and terrified all day long.

That “tiny thing” that was growing inside of me was no longer a “thing” 

it was now e v e r y t h i n g.

On the 10th day I felt like a mom, on the 10th day all I could do was worry.

That feeling of “Even if something bad does happen it’ll be okay” was quickly replaced with

“I can’t lose this baby. Lord, please protect my baby”

SIDE NOTE: I’m not saying that this will happen on the 10th day for everyone. Hell, some of you may immediately have that feeling once you see that positive test, and for some it may come later. And guess what? No matter when it happens for you, IT’S NORMAL and completely OKAY!

I never knew that once I came to the realization that this was all real and happening,
 I would immediately be filled with fear of losing my baby and it all ending too quickly.
Fear consumed my mind pretty steadily the first few weeks,
which made those first weeks of my pregnancy SO hard to enjoy.

Thankfully, I had people to talk too and confide in and they had really great words of advice for me.
I was reminded that fear and worry don’t come from the Lord,
If (God forbid) something bad was going to happen, like losing the baby,
the Lord wouldn’t prepare me by filling me with fear/worry.
That’s just not how God works.
I was also reminded by a sweet friend who was also pregnant,
that I won’t ever get these first few weeks of being newly pregnant [with my first babe] back ever again.
So soak it all up, enjoy it, and push fear and worry to the side until there’s REALLY a reason for it.

Being able to talk to people so early on during my pregnancy was HUGE for me.
I know a lot of people frown upon sharing the news until you’re further along,
but I chose to tell (pretty much) all of our family almost right away,
and I don’t regret it one bit.

Being able to vocalize my fears with women and people other than my husband was extremely therapeutic.
I was SO blessed to have a friend who was also pregnant with her first baby,
but a little further along than me to talk too and share my thoughts and worries with.
She was a HUGE comfort to me and I am unbelievably grateful I had her.

I guess my reasoning for this post was just to shed some light on the fears
that come along with the first trimester, that maybe not everyone deals with,
but for those of us that do it’s nice not to feel alone,
 and to have someone help encourage you to get past those fears and put your trust in the Lord.

Just know that feeling afraid is normal,
BUT it’s not good for you or the baby.
So whatever you gotta do to help you relax, DO IT.
Pray, do yoga, call your mom, take a {safely warm} bath.
Whatever it is, figure out what calms you and keep on keepin’ on!
Your body will typically make it VERY clear if something is wrong,
so until that happens push all the worrying to the side and
ENJOY the amazing life growing inside of you.

Our pregnancy story

I’m writing this post with a heart so grateful and so full…

There’s so much I want to say to all of you,

to those of you who’ve prayed for us and with us, 

for those who have opened up to me and shared your struggles,

for those who have come to me and shared your story.

Thank you.

If there’s one thing I know for sure,

There is power in prayer.

Kyle and I have been trying to start a family for about two years now.
I’m aware, two years may sound like nothing to some of you.
But when you want something SO badly…two years feels like a lifetime.
Two years of trying, two years of negative tests,
two years of watching others post baby announcements and live out your dream of starting a family.
During those two years I made multiple appointments.
The first appointment wasn’t until after the first year of trying,
I went to my obgyn and expressed my feelings of concern.
I told her we’d been trying for a year
 and I was afraid and worried that it hadn’t happened for us yet.
She quickly laughed, She said “You’re young and healthy”,
 “I’m sure you’re fine, just keep trying for a few more months”
Well that wasn’t exactly the answer I was looking for,
I wanted a baby NOW.
I left the appointment feeling discouraged and frustrated.

Fast forward to a few more months of trying and failing.
Then there were the months of completely giving up hope and not “trying or tracking” at all,
but secretly hoping it would happen since we “weren’t trying” anymore.
Nope that didn’t work either.
After a couple more months I decided I just wanted to go straight to a specialist,
I made two appointments with two different specialists and each one had to be cancelled because of something getting in the way.
Which was extremely frustrating.
I just wanted some answers.

After more thought, I decided I just needed to switch to a different obgyn,
within 2 months I had made 4 different appointments to visit an obgyn
and figure out what’s going on with my body….
Every single time the appointment would roll around,
something would come up and I would have to cancel.
This happened 4 times y’all, F O U R.
I finally realized that this couldn’t be a coincidence and it had to be God.

Was this God’s way of telling me to just stop and be still and trust in Him?
I went back and forth and talked to loved ones and
couldn’t figure out what this meant or why this kept happening.
Why did I keep having to cancel these appointments that I wanted to happen SO badly.
What was Gods plan? I just couldn’t make sense of any of it.
About a month later I decided to attempt to make an appointment again.
On June 7th I finally arrived at my appointment.
The doctor was great, very friendly, and very proactive.
I shared our story with him and he was honest with me and told me that from what he hears,
It sounds like a classic case of unexplained infertility,
but of course he wouldn’t know for sure until we started digging deeper.
He encouraged me to start taking prenatals again.
(I was taking them for a while, but had stopped because I was so frustrated and discouraged)
We set up an appointment the following month for me to get my uterus/tubes checked,
and he referred a place for Kyle to get checked out as well.
I FINALLY had a plan of action, we were finally going to get some answers.
I immediately went to the store and bought me some prenatals,
I was so thrilled to have a plan and answers to look forward too!

That month crept by slowly, but I was still so happy to have a plan of action.
Even if we didn’t have a baby soon, We would have answers.
Fast forward to about nine days before my appointment….
On Monday, June 26th around 9am,
I fell to the ground in shock, sobbing, gasping for air, and praising Jesus.
God had finally answered our prayers, 
those little tests that often brought so much pain and heartache
finally read a big YES+.

I could not believe it, Was I dreaming? Is this real?

All of those cancelled appointments made so much more sense now.
If we would have started this process when I wanted it to start,
we would’ve wasted so much time and money,
and honestly probably would’ve been left with no answers and more frustration.
It’s amazing how God works.
His plans for our lives are FAR FAR greater than our own.
He allowed me to finally go to an appointment because he KNEW
that I needed it emotionally.
By going to that appointment I received the promise of answers and hope for my future,
By going to that appointment I started taking prenatals and better care of myself,
Going to the appointment helped me become in a better physical and emotional state
for the baby that I had no earthly idea that was already growing inside of me.

It was a long and frustrating two years of waiting,
but God worked on me in SO many ways during those two years.
I needed more time to grow, I needed time to make mistakes and learn from them,
I needed time to figure out who I was.
Looking back, I really wasn’t ready for a baby.
Gods timing really is perfect,
He knows our hearts and our needs SO much better than we do.

Kyle and I are [totally still in shock] absolutely thrilled to become
Mommy and Daddy to this sweet baby BOY that God has chosen for us.