Hump Day thoughts.

Lately I find myself being stumped on what to write about,

of course I’ve always got my outfits to share – 

but I typically like my writing to be from me, something personal,

 and not just me describing why I chose my outfits and what I like about them.

So instead of blabbing about something random, I’ll get into the real stuff.

So, here we go.

Random but real thoughts – from yours truly.

Being an adult is tough.

Bills are like REALLY annoying.

The market right now for buying a house, UGH – don’t even get me started.

I’ve been feeling extra thankful for the health of my family & loved ones lately.

Sometimes I concern myself with how obsessed I am with my dog.

Making a baby is not as easy as your parents always told you when you were a teenager.

I’m sick & tired of Gods timing being so different than mine, 

but goodness I sure am learning & growing from it.

I think my caffeine addiction has randomly disappeared, like out of nowhere.

I got home at almost 8 last night and still cooked dinner for Kyle and I 

[that’s huge for me]

I want like 10 new pairs of tennis shoes, but I don’t really work out anymore so…

I can’t decide what to be for Halloween, think Kyle & I may be Jack & Coke.


I said I wasn’t going to blab and I totally blabbed, a lot.

but oh well, this little blog is mine, and I can blab if I want too.