Heart On My Sleeve…Literally.

Kind of obsessed with this sweater.

All items are ShopMCE!

Click the links below to buy your own!


Leggings  (more coming soon)

Scarf (more coming soon)


Tuesday was our last day in SA,
So after Kyle finished with his work event we headed over to our friends house,
and brought them dinner!

We enjoyed a nice little mexican feast and I got to get more baby cuddles!!

I’m so glad we were able to visit our friends even if it was for just a short time.
and I am SO glad it’s Friday!!

Hope all of you have an amazing weekend!

xoxo, Monica

Two Outfits and A Sweet Baby Boy.

Monday morning Kyle and I headed to good ol’ San Antonio!

He had a work event there, 

and I tagged along because one of my close friends just had her 2nd baby!

Eeeee I was so excited to see that sweet little boy fresh out of the oven!

V neck: UrbanOutfitters.com

Vest: ShopConversationPieces.com

Jeans: Kohls

Converse: Nordstrom

My friend makes THE cutest babies.
I was so so excited to meet baby Sawyer,
he is even more precious than I thought he was, and SUCH a big boy!
He’s barely a week old and already wearing 3 month clothes.

I couldn’t stop staring at him and poking his squishy cheeks.

He’s literally perfect.

Needless to say I fell in love immediately.

That night Kyle and I headed to dinner with his cousin Corey who lives in SA.
And it was finally cool enough to whip out my favorite scarf!

Dress: LuLus.com

Scarf: ShopMCE.com

Booties: ShoptheRage.com

I’ve been DYING to wear those precious leopard booties since I got them.
I cannot wait to style them even more this Winter!!!!

A Day of Baby Showers – Part I

Saturday was a day full of baby showers.

My first one was for a baby girl, baby Rachel Rose will be arriving late December!

Her mom is one of my friends from high school and I was SO excited to celebrate with her.

I had 2 baby showers Saturday, and of course they were on complete opposite sides of town,

one girl and one boy, so of course I had to do a quick outfit change in between.

(I’ll share what I wore to baby boys shower tomorrow)

But here is what I wore for shower number one!

Top: ShopMCE.com (only $28!)

Jeans: Kohls 

Shoes: LuLus.com

Clutch: ShopMCE.com (only $25!)

I’m really bummed, because I had to leave early and wasn’t able to get a picture

with the Mom to be.

But I did get a picture with one of my best friends, Jenn! 

Baby showers sure are exhausting, Especially when there’s a lot of driving in between!

I was SO full from snacking all day, 

but had so much fun celebrating with these amazing moms to be!

Happy Monday Y’all! 

xoxo, Monica

Wedding Bells and Baby Boys.

Dress: ShopMCE.com [old]

Vest: Forever21.com

Wedges: LuLus.com

Necklace: Kendra Scott

Last weekend Kyle & I went to our good friends baby gender reveal party!
It was set up SO cute, and made me REAL excited for when it’s our turn :]

Phil actually ended up proposing to Rachel right before the reveal and it was TOO cute.
They were getting ready to open the box of balloons and they opened it and a bunch
of yellow balloons were coming out, phil started getting down on one knee
while rachel was still digging in the box searching for the colored balloons.
Then she FINALLY realized what was happening and it was beyond precious.
I am SO happy for them.
Oh and they’re having a perfect baby boy!!

It really is so much fun watching all of your friends “grow up” and start families of their own.
I feel like every single one of my friends is either engaged, married or pregnant right now,
and hey I’m not mad about it!

I can’t wait until me and Kyle buy our own house so we can start making our little family!!
<3 <3 <3 Happy Thursday Ladies, the week is ALMOST over!!!

xoxo, Monica


Dress: www.ShopMCE.com

Wedges: LuLus.com

Blogging withdrawals, puppy lovin’, housewife boredom, and baby fever.
The words above pretty much sum up my life completely.
Although I left out my husband, and how much I love him.
But y’all already know that!

In case you haven’t noticed I tend to forget to blog OFTEN.

When I’m not blogging I always know I’m going to regret not documenting certain things

for me to look back on, but hey that’s what memories are for! 

Duh, you gotta let your brain do all the work sometimes.

I really wish I had the motivation to blog every single day like I used too,
I guess I never realized that owning a business, being a fur mom,
and being a “house wife” was SO much work!
But boy do I love it all.

Ever since we’ve had our sweet little pup Charley I’ve gotten SO maternal.

I absolutely love taking care of her and getting to spend my whole day with her.

Being at home most of the day can get a little boring but she definitely keeps things

interesting for me!

Most people get a puppy and see how much work it is and want to wait even

longer to have children…I on the other hand feel SO ready.

I can’t wait to have little babes that look like Kyle & I running around. 

I know the timing isn’t right, Kyle wants to wait about a year or so,

until we have our own house and are really settled in.

And I totally agree with him, I just get bored around the house sometimes and feel

like I need 7 babies to take care of….

maybe not 7…you get the point though.
I’ve already been religiously looking up adorable baby names,
and I may or may not have a running list of my favorites.
Hey, at least i’ll be prepared for when the time comes! ;]

Married life is so much fun, It really isn’t any different
except that I get to have a sleep over with my bestie/lover every night
and every now and then he gets on to me about being a messy teeth brusher.
Kyle is actually out of town right now for work,
he goes out of town every now and then and I’m not too fond of it.
He left last Saturday morning and I’m picking him up this Saturday!
That’s wayyyyy too long for me, I don’t know how long distance people do it.
Charley is REALLY missing her daddy, she’s going to be SO excited to see him!