Friday Favorites – Best clothing stores to shop for baby

Whether you’re having your first or your 8th, shopping for a new baby is always the best freaking thing ever.
My little boy is due March 4th and I think my absolute favorite things during this pregnancy have been shopping/buying him little outfits and decorating his nursery.
Let me tell ya though, It can be hard finding unique/cute clothes that aren’t ridiculously over priced.
With a new addition coming into the family, that also means new expenses…
which means, nobodyyyyy wants to spend $60 on a shirt that baby will grow out of in a week.
Today’s Friday Favorites post is all about my favorite places to buy baby clothing (so far)
Obviously I’m still new at this whole thing!

I’ll link a few different stores and also share a few of my favorite items from each that you can click on and shop!!

Super Affordable
TargetH&M, Old Navy/Gap, Zara
Here are a few cute options from these stores. All of these have TONS of options and tons of different styles…(I’m not able to link items for y’all from Zara because they aren’t integrated with rewardStyle BUT they have the freaking cutest stuff ever!!!)

More unique items/still affordable
Etsy – Etsy is such a great spot for special/unique/custom outfits and accessories and most Etsy shops are super affordable, and an added bonus – you’re helping out a small business!!

Higher Quality/Pricier
Nordstrom, Spearmint Baby

Swaddle Love

Adorable Childrens Boutiques

 This post was WAY more work than I thought it was going to be, but I’m hoping some of you soon to be mamas will find your new favorite place to shop for your little one(s)!!
Hope y’all have a great weekend!!