Double Dates and Baby Deer.

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The 2nd night we were there we got to go on a double date night [plus a baby]

I’m so mad at myself for not getting a picture with Anna when we were
both dressed in something besides a t shirt and shorts!
Oh well, ya live & ya learn.

We went to a delicious mexican restaurant and had a great time.
I mean how could it not be great when there are margaritas involved?!

Once we got back to the house I had the pleasure of feeding the baby…

That thing seriously melted my heart every time I looked at him.

xoxo, Monica

Mid Week Getaway.

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Whenever Kyle travels for work I LOVE to tag along,

especially when it’s to San Antonio!

We have some friends there so it’s always fun getting to visit them.
It was especially fun this time because they are raising a baby deer!
I was beyond excited to meet the little guy, and so interested to see how Charley would act!
The first night we got there Kyle was supposed to have a work dinner but it got cancelled,
so we got to go out to dinner! Which was nice because his work paid for it.
The next day I dropped Kyle off at work and headed over to my friend Annas,
I was a little too excited to meet this little baby deer…
WAY too many selfies were taken.

I got to bottle feed him and everything, goshhh my heart melted.

After obsessing over the deer I got to bond with my sweet girl, Avery!

She’s seriously the cutest. 

Anna and I took her to the park for a little play time and she loved it!

We finally decided to introduce Charley to the baby deer and I think

she was just as obsessed with him as I was!

Literally, followed him around every where and wouldn’t leave him alone.

It was precious.

Every now and then her naughty side came out though…

Can’t handle the cuteness…<3