Sunday Evening Adventures.

This Sunday Kyle and I were doing our usual “Sunday”…

Ya know, sitting on the couch watching tv, 

then eating, then sitting on the couch watching tv, then more eating.

It was about 4:30 and I leaned over and said, 

“Lets drive to San Antonio & take Charley on a hike”

I was 100% dead serious, and he was actually considering it for a second.

But then – he had a better idea.

I’ve been begging Kyle to just take Charley & I out on the boat since he got the boat back in July.

I remember years ago, when we hadn’t been dating long, he took me out on his grandpas boat,

just the two of us – and it was one of the best days of my life.

Wellp, this Sunday definitely topped it. 

We grabbed the girl and a bottle of wine & headed out to the river about 5pm, 

It was raining, but we didn’t care. 

We drove around for a bit and then Charley and I jumped in and swam for a little while.

There are these little beaches of sand along the side of the river so we decided to park,

andddddddddd we discovered my new most favorite place EVER.

It was unbelievably peaceful, and beautiful, and JUST the escape we needed.

We walked around & drank some wine,

Then sat down for a bit and talked…

It was just the random adventure that we needed.

Cabo Wabo 2015 Day 2

Day 2 in pictures.

Most of our days were spent at the pool or on the beach.

The waves were SO strong, but that definitely didn’t stop us from jumping in the water.

We are all so used to waking up early that we were usually the first ones at the pool,

which was REALLY nice because we could get a decent spot before it was crowded.

Posting these pictures already makes me miss it SO much,

Cabo is one of mine and Kyles absolute FAVORITE places.

Independence Day 2015

This weekend was spent in the good ol’ South!

Me, Kyle, Michelle & Alex all piled up in the car and headed to the Valley Thursday evening.

Kyle’s dad still lives in the valley so we always like to go visit any chance we get!

We got there super late and pretty much went straight to bed,
then got up early Friday morning and headed to the beach!

I of course had to wear this adorable USA crop top.

Top: [similar]

We got there before everyone else arrived so of course there was a photo shoot.

Please notice that Kyle stole BOTH my hat and sunglasses that I brought for the day…

The “what’s mine is yours” really does apply when you get married y’all. 

Everyone got there about 10 minutes after we did, 

and boy oh boy did we have a hell of a time!

I love love love how blessed Kyle and I are in both the family and friends department.

It’s really nice to enjoy all of these fun times together,
we’re all getting older and probably about to start families of our own so it’s nice
to just get out and do things like this while we still can!!

Hope all of you had as much fun as we did this past weekend!!
Happy Hump Day!

xoxo, Monica

Beach Day!

On Saturday Kyle and I packed Charley up and headed to the beach!

The weather was too perfect not to go.

[you can get the adorable sweater I’m wearing here]

[and this cute headband here]

Charley was THRILLED to say the least, I think this picture pretty much sums that up.

[if you’re a bird I’m a bird?]

It was super windy when we got there, Kyle and I were expecting it to be a little warmer,

but Charley didn’t seem to mind at all lol

We stayed for a few hours but then it started getting crowded and we hate having to tie Charley up,
so we headed on out!
I’m so so glad we got to go though!
Now I’m ready to get Charley into the snow, she would REALLY love the snow.

Hope all of you had a fantastic weekend, the weather was awesome for us,
hopefully it stays like this for a while!

Happy Monday!
xoxo, Monica

Friends, sun, and water.

Well, I’m a terrible blogger.

I’m about 2 weeks late on sharing this but whatever.

Some of our good friends came to visit a couple weekends ago, 

and we had the best time ever!

They brought their dog, Bailey, and of course their daughter, Avery.

[Whom we adore and want to keep.]

It was so great because Charley and Bailey are the best of friends.

They were side by side the entire weekend.

Could they be any cuter?!

And I think Avery formed a little crush on Kyle, 

gosh it was the sweetest thing to watch them interact,

Ummmm talk about baby fever, that weekend just made it 10x worse!

Avery recently turned 2, and she is SO well behaved!

She is unbelievably precious and she is about to have a little brother at the end of September!!

We decided to head to the beach the last day they were here and it was a blast.

This was the first time I’ve been a “real” hostess in our home!
It was actually not too stressful, not stressful at all really!

Obviously, I stressed about cooking for other people but it wasn’t bad at all!
We may or may not have had take out chinese 2 days in a row….
[Your judgments aren’t welcome here] I did cook at least 1 meal [if not more] each day though,
which is a big deal for this girl.

I will get better at cooking one day…well it’s not really that I need to get better,
I just need to be more confident about cooking!
Anyone have some fabulous cooking tips?!
I could use all the help I can get in that area!

<3 <3 <3