Charley’s 2nd Birthday

Sweatshirt: Windsor Store

Flannel: Billabong via LuLus

Jeans: LuLus

Shoes: Blowfish via OnlineShoes

This past Saturday Charley turned 2!

It feels like yesterday that Kyle brought her home and surprised me with her…

But then again I can’t even remember what I ever did without her.

We didn’t do anything too extravagant…because, well, she’s a dog.

Started the morning with a healthy breakfast because she’s been getting extra fluffy lately.

Then took her to her all time favorite place – The Dog Park of course.

After that we headed to Kyle’s cousins to watch the game…

Where Charley of course tagged along, she was MORE than thrilled because 

there were lots of new toys to sniff and destroy.

I think it’s safe to say she had a wonderful birthday…

She ended the day by getting into the fireplace, which then led to a coal mustache.

So thankful for this pup <3 

Dirty Thirty.

Top: Xenia Boutique

Jeans: Cotton On [similar]

Heels: LuLus

Last weekend my brother in law [Jonathan] turned 30!

Therefore my sister and his friends put together a fabulous Dirty Thirty party for him….

In the sketchiest event center that Houston has to offer.

HAHA. Y’all it looked SO shady, but it was actually super awesome.

Jonathans friends took the liberty in making
 this wonderful welcoming photo when you first walked in.

The party ended up being a BLAST, like one of the best birthdays I’ve ever been too.

Kyle and I didnt really know the majority of the people so Tara let me invite my bestie and her fiancé.

Obviously, she’s my best friend.

I took WAY too many photos and videos that night.

I’m sure you felt like you were part of the action if you follow me on snapchat ha.

Can’t believe how old we’re all getting, goodness gracious I still feel like i’m 18.

26 Aint So Bad…

So, my birthday was Saturday and I’m officially a 26 year old…

26?!?! I feel like 25 was always a fun age to tell people..but 26?? Eesh!

Here’s a sneak preview of the outfit I wore, beyond obsessed.

The day started with some beautiful flowers, the sweetest card ever, and a yummy breakfast..

All thanks to my sweet husband.

We had a relaxing afternoon and headed over to Claire and Bretts place around 6.

Claire is my go to girl for hair and make up, she always makes me look fabulous,

and she’s my best friend so it kind of works out perfectly…

So I didn’t have time to do a real outfit photo shoot…which I’m SUPER bummed about,

because this is probably one of my absolute fav outfits i’ve ever worn.

But I do have lots of pics from the evening!!!

Top: Tobi

Skirt: LuLus

Belt: Kate Spade

Necklace: LuLus [similar]

Heels: LuLus [similar]

After getting ready we headed to Celtic Gardens in midtown to start the evening!

After a few drinks and lots of fried appetizers we decided to 

head over to Petes Piano Bar downtown!

It was such an awesome night and I’m so glad I decided to do something!

I’m only going to be young and child free for so long, might as well enjoy it.

xoxo, Monica

Friends, Engagements, and Pizza Parties.

Top: LuLus

Jeans: Paige Denim – Nordstrom (similar) (similar)

Shoes: Forever21(similar)

Necklace: LuLus

Bag: Ross

Saturday we headed over to Claire and Bretts place to celebrate Claire’s birthday!

I met Claire in college and seriously love her to death, 

she is one of the most amazing girls you will ever meet.

Oh, and now that it’s Facebook official SHE’S ENGAGED!

Could not be more excited for them. 

She decided to throw it back to our junior high days when pizza parties were everything,

and let me just tell y’all…I may start doing that for every birthday party of mine from now on.

We had THE best time, of course drinks were involved as well. 

Claire is my first friend to get engaged since I’ve been married and for some reason

it was just so much more exciting for me! 

I guess because I’ve already experienced it and now I REALLY know how it feels

and what a special time in your life it is!

Sooooo I decided to make her this really cute basket!

So simple and cute! We always call each other “kitty girl”, hence the kitty mug. 

Needless to say this weekend wore us out!!!

Oh and, we just found out this morning that we’re moving next week!

Yikes, I’ve got A LOT of work to do.

I’ll fill y’all in on all of the details of our move and why we’re moving tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday!

xoxo, Monica

My Birthday Babe

Yesterday was Kyle’s birthday!!

Can’t believe he’s 26, and that I’ll catch up to him in just a couple months.

I also can’t believe we met & fell in love when we were only 18  [basically babies] 

and our love for each other is stronger than ever now!

It’s always kind of a bummer when your birthday falls on a week day,

but Kyle has never really loved his birthday anyways.

He’s not the type to want a big party or do anything special.

Soooo we usually keep it pretty simple, which actually makes it really great for me!

[even though I love to spoil & surprise him]

I kept the gifts pretty simple since we booked an all inclusive vacation YESTERDAY!

whoop whoop!!! We are beyond pumped about it!!! 

But anyways, I made him his all time favorite dessert, Oreo Balls!

and I was so busy yesterday that I completely forgot

 to take a picture of them & his presents I laid out!

But they are beyond delicious and you can find the recipe HERE.

We enjoyed a night to ourselves and grabbed some chinese food,

then spent most of the evening searching for houses!

We’ve got to find one QUICK, so please be praying for us, cuz I know Kyle is stressed about it!

We have been looking for a cheaper house to buy and kind of fix up

and then hopefully sell it or rent it out in about 2 years when we’re ready to buy a house we really love!

But anywhooooo, tonight we’re going to dinner with Liz & John to do a little more celebrating!

Thanks for being the amazing man that you are and always keeping me laughing!!

Love you sweet cheeks.