18 weeks + Last boat date as a family of 3

Happy Monday!
I am officially 18 weeks pregnant, and I am LOVING this whole “growing a baby” thing.



I’ve been craving milk, like so much milk..
(it’s actually a little scary how much I could drink)
and Chinese food and CARBS, but mainly biscuits and milk? so weird.
I’m feeling GREAT, but have to be in bed by 8:30 or I get grumpy.
I’ve gained a total of 8 lbs so far and cannot wait to start decorating the nursery!


Kyle and his cousin Corey purchased a boat for the family in July of 2016!
One of mine and Kyles favorite things to do has been to take it out in the evenings
on a week night just us and Charley and make a little date night out of it.
and now that Fall is here…well it’s supposed to be here, but we live in Houston, so…


We probably won’t be taking the boat out much more this year,
Especially once the time changes and it starts getting darker earlier.
So Kyle and I decided to have one last family {boat} date night before
there’s a real life little babe outside of my belly!





I seriously can’t believe i’m almost half way through this pregnancy!
Part of me feels like we just found out yesterday and another part of me feels
like March is a million years away.

We’ve been doing some adjustments to our guest rooms and moving things around
and building things etc. I can’t wait to show y’all!!!
I want to do a full home tour for y’all once we really get everything DONE.

Alright, well i’m off to get a little work out in.

Have a great day babes!

Sunshine & Water.

This past weekend was beyond great.

My sister in laws boyfriends family has a lake house on Canyon lake near San Antonio!

So Kyle and I, 

Kyle’s little sister [Michelle] & her boyfriend [Alex], 

& Kyle’s little brother [Bryan] & his girlfriend [Skye]

ALLLLL packed up and headed there for the weekend!

We got there late Friday night and played card games and laughed ’till we cried.

the next morning we floated the river, and then went out on the boat that afternoon.

Kyle’s family used to own a boat and we basically lived on it during the Summers.

His papa sold it a while ago and it has been YEARS since Kyle or I have enjoyed being on a boat wakeboarding and doing fun boat things!

Him and I were both way too excited.

On Sunday we woke up early and spent the entire morning and afternoon on the boat!

It was perfect.

We all got a little wake boarding in & we definitely all got some sun!

Me & Michelle

Me & Skye

The greatest couple you’ll ever meet.

The girls! 


The house we stayed at was absolutely stunning, 

Kyle and I got to stay in the master suite!

Perks of being the only married couple.

This was our view from our bedroom window…SO relaxing.

Kyle and I are definitely hoping and praying that once we’re older we’ll be able to afford

a nice lake house, gosssshhhhh it was SO great!!

Happy Hump Day!

xoxo, Monica