Trendy and Body Friendly? Yes please.

Dress: LuLus | Flannel: LuLus | Booties: LuLus | Necklace: LuLus

Okay, whatever call me an addict. I’m not ashamed.

This outfit is one of my all time favorites. 

I’m not one to repeat outfits much, but this one is an exception.

I’ve never really been one to wear super fitted clothing,

Mainly because I have a very straight figure and fitted clothes just don’t do my body justice.

But thank God for the “wrap around ya waist” trend, because it changed my life.

Not only does it add a little flare to your outfit but it also creates the illusion that I’ve got some hips.

This trend can also be used to disguise any parts of your body 

that you don’t necessarily want to show off. 

Got a little extra pudge on that tummy? Covered. Got a saggy butt? Covered.

Trendy & body friendly? yes please.

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday, this week kind of flew by.

I’ve got a sweet friends baby shower to attend this Saturday 

& then some family is in town so i’m sure we’ll be on the boat Sunday!

Don’t worry i’m gonna hit y’all with another outfit post tomorrow.

A new post 5 days in a row?!

Holy Crap y’all, things are getting serious.