The perfect Fall maxi dress

I typically hate taking my “outfit photos” in front of others,
but for some reason these guys behind me watching made me feel totally comfortable…
There’s nothing I love more than finding gorgeous pieces that I can wear during and
after pregnancy! This dress is totally not maternity, but looks adorable while pregnant!!
Cleo Madison has SO many cute items that can be worn during and after pregnancy,
and gosh pretty much every item looks ridiculously comfy.

// Dress // Booties //

If you’ve been on the hunt for modest clothing that’s still trendy, and super comfortable,
you’ve GOT to head over to CleoMadison!!
I’m going to link a few of my other fav dresses on their site for y’all below!
Here, here & here.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Good things to come..

Y’all, there has been SO much running through my mind the past few months.

So much stress, so much worry, so much wondering what people are going to think.

But after a lot of thought and prayer and hard conversations,
i’ve officially decided that I won’t be re signing my lease on my store.
The opportunity to have my storefront came at such a perfect time in my life,
having a store front for a year was EXACTLY what I needed last year.
It was such a positive experience and I have learned and grown SO much from it.
Although it was SO much fun dealing with customers face to face,
and meeting SO many incredible and sweet women,
Plaza just wasn’t the place for my business.
I’ll be leaving at the end of March.
I’ll be continuing to sell online, and I’ll be doing pop up shops around Texas
as frequently as possible!
AND I now offer FREE shipping on all US orders!

With all that being said, i’ve got some other exciting news!
If you follow me on instagram i’m sure you’ve already heard,
I’m now doing photography part time!!!
I have always loved taking photos of anything and everything.
I love capturing moments & making memories last forever.
If you live in the Houston area, or anywhere in Texas,
I would L-O-V-E to shoot you or your family!

Go ahead and click here to see some of my work & get pricing info.
Thanks for all the love & support y’all!

Goals and Resolutions

Sweater: ShopHopes | Pants: LuLus | Boots: Similar

I was one, along with a million others, who were just totally ready for 2016 to be over. 

Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad.

2016 was absolutely a growing year for me, and honestly,

growing is hard y’all!
In 2016 I opened my very first little store space.
and holy crap I have learned SO much about my business and relationships and
just myself personally.

So as most of you know Kyle and I have been trying for a baby,
and well, it’s just not happening for us right now…
So this past month I made a promise to myself,
If my period came — I would stop thinking so much about a baby,
and put ALL of my time,  energy and focus into my store and getting back in shape.

I’m sure all of you know I opened my online boutique a few years ago,
it’s my baby, and it’s something i’m very proud of.
it seems like everyone and their damn cousin has an online boutique these days.
BUT i’m happy to say that I was one of the originals. 
And this year my goal is to get back to where I was when I first started.
So if you’re one of my day one’s – don’t leave me now!
I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve for my store and can’t wait to share them with y’all!
–Stay Tuned!–

Model of the month

Top: ShopMCE | Flannel: Billabong[similar] | Jeans: LuLus | Shoes: OnlineShoes

If you follow my store on Instagram 

i’m sure you saw that I did a little photoshoot with one of my girlfriends recently!

and y’all…it kind of changed my life.

It’s been really hard for me to grow my business Instagram, and really get the images that I want…

It’s super hard to get the exact pictures that I want when i’m modeling my own clothes.

I always have a vision in mind –

What I want the picture to look like, how I want the clothes to lay on the body, 

how I want the model standing, and how I want the background to be…

But being the model & having a friend (who’s NOT a photographer)

take the pictures makes that a pretty hard job.

My pictures always come out decent, but just not the vision I had in mind. 

I’m not at the point where I can hire a professional model, 

BUT I do have some pretty gorgeous friends.

The only problem is….

I’m only off on Mondays, and well the  majority of my friends work on Mondays.

However, the other week I convinced one of my friends to “work from home”

so she could model for me!

and guys…it was A W E S O M E.

I was able to direct and use my creativity to get the exact shots I wanted,

and I seriously loved every minute of it.

and my friend Liz had an awesome time as well.

I mean what girl wouldn’t enjoy wearing cute clothes and being a model for a day?!

Which is how I came up with the idea of….

Having a different model every month.

A Model of the Month if you will.

So with all of that being said…

If any of you babes live in the Houston area and would be interested 

in being a model of the month (which is actually just a day or 2 of LOTS of picture taking)

let me know and we can talk details! 

Would love to meet some of you! 

Friday Favors

Dress: ShopMCE | Boots: LuLus | Necklace: Hemline

Howdy y’all!

So, I have a favor to ask of all of you, a prayer request if you will.

Kyle and I have been on the hunt for a new home for quite a while now.

I’m commuting almost 4 hours a day and not only is it taking a toll on the bank account, 

but also on my sanity. 

— Long story short —

My sweet Mamaw has been living in an assisted living facility for a while now, 

and her house is just kind of sitting there empty.

My parents came up with a genius idea that Kyle & I could live in it, 

pay for the utilities, save up for a house of our own – 

but also work on my Mamaws house while we’re living in it, ya know – fix it up a bit 

and just take care of it for her while she’s not able to live in it. 

Well, My Mamaw isn’t quite herself lately so she didn’t take that too well,

and felt as if we were trying to take her house from her.

But in reality it would just be the perfect situation and help all of us out.

It’s closer to my job, it would help us save money for a home of our own, 

and we would fix her house up and keep it safe while she’s away. 

Today after work i’m going to go visit her and possibly talk to her about it,

so if y’all could say a little prayer for me!

Just pray that if it’s Gods will that we move there for a little while that my Mamaw 

will have an open mind and trust that we will take care of her home for her & 

know that we aren’t trying to take it away from her.

I know there’s power in prayer so hopefully we will have an answer today!

Y’all are the best, thanks for reading this little blog of mine.

Happy Friday!!!