Weekend Trips and Home Invasions Part II

After florating the river we all headed back to the house

to stuff our faces and get ready for the wedding!

Dress: Tobi.com

Wedges: Tillys.com

Necklace: LuLus.com

The wedding was beautiful and VERY warm.

Needless to say we were all very sweaty and very exhausted.

Us 4 ended up leaving after dinner was served.

We got back to the house and did a whole lot of nothing.

Omg I just realized I forgot to mention my new BFF Penelope!

We met her the minute we got there and I fell in love.

she was so precious.

Anyways, we got home, fed some deer, then all relaxed until my parents got back.

They didnt get home till about 10 and we were all SO exhausted.

We were all leaving in the morning, My parents, Tara & Jonathan were going ziplining

and Kyle and I were going to one of my best friends little girls 2nd birthday party.

The night was going well until Kyle received a call, he didnt answer and then

the same number started calling my phone.

He got a voicemail while they were calling me and he listened and it was the

alarm company, so he immediately answered my phone.

The alarm company was calling letting us know our alarm was going off,

and were seeing if everything was okay.

I immediately panic.

We had them dispatch the police and anxiously waited for them to call back.

About 30 minutes later we received a call from an Officer Evans.

By this point I was shaking and anxious and praying for the best.

I am already a paranoid person & always think someone is trying to murder me.

(thanks to criminal minds, CSI, The Following…etc.)

We were hoping and praying that it was a false alarm.

As I was sitting there I was just waiting to see Kyles face make some kind of 

obvious reaction to what the officer was saying.

Kyle was SO calm.

And then Kyle repeats the officer and says

“So they kicked the front door down?”

I immediately burst into tears.

I felt fear, anger, sadness, and so many other emotions.

I know these kinds of things happen all the time but you never really think it will happen to you.

And well, I didnt take it so well.

The officers were walking through the house, going through every room

so Kyle could let them know what he thinks was stolen.

As far as we could tell they only took my laptop.

Which kind of breaks my heart.

I have always taken my laptop EVERY where I go.

It has so many memories, special notes, pictures etc.

I had literally deleted everything off my phone the day we left and dumped it onto my laptop.

The only reason I didnt take it with me is because a few days ago Kyle had spilled

a little water on it and it was running slower, so we were going to take it to the apple store

as soon as we got back.

I think what I was most upset about is that I was finally staring to consider this place home.

It took me a while but it was finally starting to happen, 

but now I literally cant wait to get out of here.

The scary thing is whoever did it must have been watching our house for a while to know

we were out of town.

Oh and did I mention they broke in at 9pm?!

WHO does that? Our neighborhood is VERY busy and we are right by the entrance

to the neighborhood.

The whole thing seriously just blows my mind.

Needless to say I’ve been extra paranoid lately.

I’m upset about my laptop and other things being taken but beyond grateful

that me, Kyle or charley werent there to experience the break in.

It could have been SO much worse so I am SO grateful that it wasnt.

What also blows my mind is that we have stickers and signs that we have an 

alarm system posted ALL over the house AND front door.

Ugh I dont know the whole thing just makes me feel uneasy.

We are going out of our way to make sure it wont happen again though.

The bastards are lucky we werent here because they wouldve gotten 

a bullet or 3 in the chest REAL quick.

Anyways, thank goodness we are renting this house and we arent stuck here.

and thank goodness it wasnt any worse.

Just pray for us because it’s definitely not a good feeling knowing a

criminal was recently in your home going through your personal items,

 it’s terrifying actually.

Prayers are MUCH appreciated.