Bridal Shower Day!

This Saturday I had my bridal shower, and it was PERFECT!


Belt: Kate Spade

Heels: Forever21

Here are the amazing hostesses who made this shower happen!

and a few of the adorable decorations…

and A LOT of amazing people…

My mamaw, myself and Kyle’s nana!

Mom, Mamaw, Me, Nana, Mindy (Kyle’s nana and mom)

My side of the family!

Claire, one of the sweetest girls I know, seriously love her to death!

Kyle’s cousin Krissa, myself and Rachel!

Rachel is doing the flowers for the wedding!

Brandy and I!

Me and the girls on Kyle’s side!

(minus his sister who was at school)

Me and my mom and mom to be!

Love these girls, been best friends for a LONG time!

a few of my beautiful bridesmaids!

(I have 7 total)

sissy and mom!

I’m not going to lie I was SO nervous about this day…

I know that sounds so weird and silly but I DO NOT like to be the center of attention.

It makes me anxious and sweaty and awkward and turn red and I just don’t like it.

(so naturally I’m going to be a disaster on my wedding day)

But it actually went perfectly!

Of course there are always awkward moments but over all it was so much fun, 

and I loved seeing everyone and getting a bunch of gifts was definitely a plus!

We played this game where they asked Kyle a bunch of questions previously 

and I had to guess his answers!

That brought a WHOLE lot of laughter to the room, and made me miss Kyle a lot.

Afterwards I opened presents and then after that all of the photos started taking place!

Once it started to fizzle down all of my girlfriends wanted to go see Kyle and I’s new place

since it was in the same neighborhood as the shower!

As soon as we got there I looked in the mirror and holy cow can you say HOT MESS?!

Sweating, and talking, and laughing, and crying makes a girl look ROUGH….

Which makes me REALLY nervous about the wedding…

but obviously I’ll be wearing more “emotion proof” make up haha, at least I hope so.

I’ve GOT to start doing trial runs with my hair and make up.

There’s seriously SO much to do y’all.

Like I feel like my mom and I make 100 things and as soon as we want to relax

we have to make 200 more of something else.

Phewwwwww, it’s all worth it though, and it’s fun!

I need to share pictures with y’all of things we’ve already made! 

Eep can’t wait to show y’all THE REAL WEDDING!

Of course it needs to happen first…

27 DAYS!!!