Why I had to unfollow some of my favorite fashion bloggers…

Top: Tobi Jeans: Paige Denim via Nordstrom [similar] Heels: LuLus Necklace: LuLus

Y’all I totally forgot I had this top and found it while desperately 

searching my closet for an outfit to wear yesterday…

Don’t you love finding hidden treasures in your own closet?!

It’s definitely supposed to be a crop top, but my torso is like 2 inches long, so hey…

a normal top it will be.

These jeans are a perfect example of a splurge item for me.

I was able to score these when they were on sale so they were just a little over $100,

but I totally wear them multiple times a week, ESPECIALLY come Fall.

I am not one to spend ridiculous amounts of money on 1 item of clothing.

Although i’m a huge fashion lover & own a boutique i’ve just never been all about 

brand name anything. 

I’d rather have 5 pairs of adorable & versatile heels than one pair of gorgeous heels that I can tell people are Jimmy Choo. 

Now hey, don’t get me wrong!

No shame on you brand name gals, you do you boo.

Heck if I had the money maybe I would feel differently…

But right now, for me personally — it’s all about looking fabulous on a budget. 

I have such a hard time following certain fashion bloggers, 

I actually had to go through my instagram 

and click the dreaded “unfollow” button on multiple of my favorite accounts.

WHY? you ask…

Well, Let me tell ya…

There’s really nothing worse than falling in love with an outfit you see – 

only to click the link to the website and see that the adorable little shirt that you can’t wait to purchase costs $300…

oh and the jeans? $548. 

Don’t even get me started on the shoes…

I could go on and on…


I’m a 27 year old small business owner — 

I want to look & feel good.

I want my clothes to be well made.

I want to be trendy and unique and be able to showcase my personal style.

But I don’t have ridiculous amounts of money to drop.

Basically, to keep it simple for y’all. 

I clicked unfollow because it was depressing, and I found myself continually disappointed. 

Disappointed that I couldn’t afford that super cute top, or those gorgeous shoes.

SO, with that being said. 

I really really hope that all you girls following me never feel that way.

I hope you can look at my outfits and be inspired by them and know that you can look 

trendy and fabulous without spending crazy amounts of money. 

There are so many amazing boutiques and shops out there that sell unique and beautiful clothing 

at a G R E A T price. 

hint hint – ShopMCE 😉 

haha no but really…for those of you that think you need to have lots of money to stay on trend.

I’m here to prove you wrong! 

And hopefully I can bring a smile to your face while doing so. 

Happy Thursday Everyone!