Cabo Catamaran Adventure

For our last day we decided to rent a boat, which was SUCH a genius idea!

We spent the majority of our morning at the pool, 

and then headed off to our catamaran around 1pm.




After lots of fun at the pool we finally headed off to the Catamaran!!

It was an all inclusive deal that came with food, alcohol, paddle boards & snorkel gear,

they drove us wherever we wanted and we got to jump off some amazing rocks!!

It was probably one of my favorite days.

Cabo is seriously STUNNING, if you’ve never been you HAVE to go at least once!

We finished the day walking through town and buying last minute things,

and stopping at a bar or 2 of course….

Then we headed back to the resort to get ready for our VERY last dinner…

Stay tuned!

xoxo, Monica

Cropped and Crocheted

THIS was by far my favorite outfit of the trip.




Ear Rings

After Kyle and I got ready we went over to Krissa and her boyfriends room,
they had found this awesome little open window on our floor where you
could crawl through and sneak to the roof of our hotel!

Sooooo….of course we did it!!
It was BEAUTIFUL, but the pictures SO don’t do it justice.
It totally just looks like we’re on a normal balcony haha

And we only got 1 picture because we were terrified of getting caught, Ha!

xoxo, Monica

Map Dress Lovin’

Y’all…this was my 2nd favorite outfit the whole trip

 and i’m SO bummed the pictures didn’t turn out well!

I’ll be honest though, taking outfit pictures for my blog wasn’t exactly #1 on 

my priority list that week, BUT at least I managed to get a few!!

Dress: ShowMeYourMuMu

Wedges: LuLus [out of stock] Coral Version

The lighting really doesn’t do this dress justice, 

and I definitely wasn’t on my best posing game.

I had been eyeing this dress for months before I finally caved in & bought it.

It’s definitely WAY over my price range of what I would usually spend on a dress,

but I just knew I HAD to have it for Cabo.

By the evenings we were all SO worn out from drinking in the sun all day.

But most of us managed to get dressed and at least make it to dinner every night!


<3 <3 <3

Cabo Wabo 2015 Day 2

Day 2 in pictures.

Most of our days were spent at the pool or on the beach.

The waves were SO strong, but that definitely didn’t stop us from jumping in the water.

We are all so used to waking up early that we were usually the first ones at the pool,

which was REALLY nice because we could get a decent spot before it was crowded.

Posting these pictures already makes me miss it SO much,

Cabo is one of mine and Kyles absolute FAVORITE places.

Cabo Wabo 2015 Day 1

Not sure if any of you follow me on instagram but I was MIA last week for a VERY good reason.


A bunch of us hopped on a plane last Tuesday for a much needed vacation.

Kyle and I went to Cabo for our honeymoon and we just couldn’t wait to go back,

but this time we brought our friends/family with us!

We get there around 2 on Tuesday and didnt waste any time throwing on our swimsuits 

and heading to the pool.

The scenery in Cabo is unbelievable. I think all of us said “is this real life?” multiple times a day.

The weather was perfect and each day was spent soaking up the sun…

Stay tuned for pictures of the rest of the trip!!