Top: ShopMCE Shorts: American Eagle  Sandals: ShopMCE Bag: Similar Necklace: Bauble Bar

Okay y’all I am SO excited because I’ve F I NA L L Y gotten a new lens for my camera!

Well, actually, my parents got it for me for my birthday…but nonetheless…


I am one of the less fortunate “bloggers” out there because I don’t have a photographer as a husband.

Does he take all of my pictures? yes. Does he do it well? …that’s another story.

BUT this new lens makes it MUCH easier on the poor guy and I am

{FYI I have a canon eos rebel SL1 — and the new lens is an EF 85mm} 

Now, let’s talk about this casual and simple little look i’ve got going on.

I’m all about flowy tops. Flowy is not actually a real word, but it’s a word I use often.

I’ve never been one for super form fitting tops, 

I’ll be REAL honest and admit that I’m a severe bloater…

{yes, I diagnosed myself}

I know I’m thin and small etc etc…

but throw a piece of food in me and I can look 7 months pregnant REAL quick.

With that being said…anytime I see a loose fitting top made in a soft fabric, I’ll buy it. 

This specific top is from my boutique and holy crap I wanted one in every color.

I’m REALLY hoping I can re order — it was also available in a red and mustard color.

I love tops like this because they can be worn all year round, 

Transition pieces are a girl on a budgets best friend. 

I’ve only got one of these tops left so—RUN & order if you want it!

On to these shorts…

I always have a hard time finding shorts that fit me properly

and American Eagle really never lets me down.

I probably wear these shorts 3 times a week and i’m not mad about it.

If you don’t own a pair of sandals that look like this, you’re missing out.

They are SO on trend right now and a million times more comfy then they look.

The tassels on the laces just add an extra cutie factor which makes them a total “must have”.

I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend!

I’ll be sharing my birthday weekend festivities on here sometime this week so 

STAY TUNED if you want to see pictures of the best day of my life. 

The 2nd baby shower of the day was for a boy so I decided to do an outfit change.

Baby Conlan James will be arriving early December!! 

[my socks never match, whoops]

Dress: [I’m wearing the XS]

Booties: Zara

Necklace: Kendra Scott

This girl [Rachel] is seriously a super model.

She’s tall, blonde and beautiful and makes me look no older than 13.

I don’t think I have ever seen a cuter baby bump..seriously though.

I met Rachel through Krissa, Krissa is Kyle’s cousin and Rachel is Krissas best friend!

Krissa and I rocking ShopMCE…How good do we look though?! ;] 

You can buy her dress HERE , it also comes in a burgundy color.

I had so much fun celebrating babes this Saturday!
Can’t wait until it’s time to celebrate my own ;] If only our brothers and sisters would hurry up so they can all have cousins to play with!


I’ve been wanting one for a while now and I am already SO in love.

I got to use it a litttttllleee bit last night but I am so so pumped

to play around with it more this week! 


Happy Tuesday!!!

Oh and happy Fall y’all!