Casual Game Strong

Top: ShopMCE Shorts: American Eagle  Sandals: ShopMCE Bag: Similar Necklace: Bauble Bar

Okay y’all I am SO excited because I’ve F I NA L L Y gotten a new lens for my camera!

Well, actually, my parents got it for me for my birthday…but nonetheless…


I am one of the less fortunate “bloggers” out there because I don’t have a photographer as a husband.

Does he take all of my pictures? yes. Does he do it well? …that’s another story.

BUT this new lens makes it MUCH easier on the poor guy and I am

{FYI I have a canon eos rebel SL1 — and the new lens is an EF 85mm} 

Now, let’s talk about this casual and simple little look i’ve got going on.

I’m all about flowy tops. Flowy is not actually a real word, but it’s a word I use often.

I’ve never been one for super form fitting tops, 

I’ll be REAL honest and admit that I’m a severe bloater…

{yes, I diagnosed myself}

I know I’m thin and small etc etc…

but throw a piece of food in me and I can look 7 months pregnant REAL quick.

With that being said…anytime I see a loose fitting top made in a soft fabric, I’ll buy it. 

This specific top is from my boutique and holy crap I wanted one in every color.

I’m REALLY hoping I can re order — it was also available in a red and mustard color.

I love tops like this because they can be worn all year round, 

Transition pieces are a girl on a budgets best friend. 

I’ve only got one of these tops left so—RUN & order if you want it!

On to these shorts…

I always have a hard time finding shorts that fit me properly

and American Eagle really never lets me down.

I probably wear these shorts 3 times a week and i’m not mad about it.

If you don’t own a pair of sandals that look like this, you’re missing out.

They are SO on trend right now and a million times more comfy then they look.

The tassels on the laces just add an extra cutie factor which makes them a total “must have”.

I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend!

I’ll be sharing my birthday weekend festivities on here sometime this week so 

STAY TUNED if you want to see pictures of the best day of my life.