Mummies and Rollerblading

Work has been a tad slow lately so I decided to take a “personal day” on Saturday.

The weather was perfect – therefore my girlfriend Maggie & I took full advantage.

I mean, What’s better than a little champagne & rollerblading?

Before we went rollerblading we had a little picnic in the back of her car,

A few snacks – mostly champagne.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science had a Mummy exhibit going on that we decided to go to!

Now if i’m being honest, we were both a tad disappointed,

it was cool while it lasted, but unfortunately there just wasn’t much to look at at the exhibit,

the mummies that we saw were very cool – I guess we were just hoping to see more!

After the exhibit we hopped on over back to the car for more snacks [champagne]

and that’s when the party really started….

I really wish it wasn’t such a pain for me to upload videos on to here because y’all…

We were SO embarrassing. 

I haven’t laughed so hard in a REALLY long time, 

there was one point where I started to fall and grabbed her arm and took her down with me…

we both sat on the ground awkwardly silent laughing for a good 5 minutes 

and I may or may not have peed a little. 

After the blading it was time for lunch, so we headed to brown bag deli for a nice big sandwich!

and then frozen yogurt afterwards of course….

Weekends are totally my favorite.