Charley’s 2nd Birthday

Sweatshirt: Windsor Store

Flannel: Billabong via LuLus

Jeans: LuLus

Shoes: Blowfish via OnlineShoes

This past Saturday Charley turned 2!

It feels like yesterday that Kyle brought her home and surprised me with her…

But then again I can’t even remember what I ever did without her.

We didn’t do anything too extravagant…because, well, she’s a dog.

Started the morning with a healthy breakfast because she’s been getting extra fluffy lately.

Then took her to her all time favorite place – The Dog Park of course.

After that we headed to Kyle’s cousins to watch the game…

Where Charley of course tagged along, she was MORE than thrilled because 

there were lots of new toys to sniff and destroy.

I think it’s safe to say she had a wonderful birthday…

She ended the day by getting into the fireplace, which then led to a coal mustache.

So thankful for this pup <3 

Beach Day!

On Saturday Kyle and I packed Charley up and headed to the beach!

The weather was too perfect not to go.

[you can get the adorable sweater I’m wearing here]

[and this cute headband here]

Charley was THRILLED to say the least, I think this picture pretty much sums that up.

[if you’re a bird I’m a bird?]

It was super windy when we got there, Kyle and I were expecting it to be a little warmer,

but Charley didn’t seem to mind at all lol

We stayed for a few hours but then it started getting crowded and we hate having to tie Charley up,
so we headed on out!
I’m so so glad we got to go though!
Now I’m ready to get Charley into the snow, she would REALLY love the snow.

Hope all of you had a fantastic weekend, the weather was awesome for us,
hopefully it stays like this for a while!

Happy Monday!
xoxo, Monica

Wifey Points and Charleys half birthday!!

[This was supposed to be posted yesterday, whoopsie!]

Yesterday was my sweet Charleys half birthday!

I can’t believe she is already 6 months old.

I seriously can’t believe I grew up without dogs.

I love her more than I ever thought I could, and I can’t imagine my life without her!

Thank God for pups.

We decided to take her to the dog park when Kyle got home from work

as a little birthday gift.

This is afterwards, which is why her face is so dirty.

There were SO many people/dogs there!

I’ve gotta start taking her more often,

She was the youngest by far and it was so funny to see how clumsy and slow

she was compared to the full grown dogs.

She had the time of her life and has been taking LOTS of naps today.

<3 <3 <3

So I mentioned “Wifey Points” in the title.

Well I found this “healthy” recipe on pinterest that I’ve been dying to make!

It’s from and it’s called

Eggplant Rollatini

and it looks like this…YUM right?!

[Click the picture for the full recipe]

I decided to make zucchini fries for a side dish because we both

LOVE zucchini.

This recipe is from

[Click the picture for the full recipe]

I should’ve taken pictures while we were in the process of cooking,

but I didn’t.

But this is how MY eggplant rollatini turned out!

I may or may not have added A LOT of extra cheese…

And dinner is served…

I was nervous Kyle wasn’t going to like it because there’s no meat in it.

Just spinach and cheese!

Well he took his first bite and says “it’s pretty good!”

Which as we all know can mean a lot of things…like… 

“please never cook this again”, “am I going to have to eat all of this?”, “Lord help me”

or it may actually mean that it’s good!

Well lucky me, as he kept eating I kept hearing things like,

“Wow this is actually REALLY good!!”

So GO me!!

The one mistake we did make with the zucchini fries was cutting them too thick,

they were good but some weren’t quite as crispy!

So make sure you cut them nice and thin for more crispiness ;]

Let me know if you try out this recipe!

Who would’ve though that eggplant was so delicious?!


Have a great weekend ladies.

xoxo, Monica