Christmas Eve 2015

The weather has been pretty much awful lately, 

However a cold front FINALLY came through yesterday.

Over Christmas it was around 80 degrees, cloudy, and super humid…

Unfortunately that weather leads to crappy outfit pictures because lighting is kind of everything.

But hey, it’s better than nothin’!

Top: ShopMCE

Leggings: ChicWish

Booties: ShopMCE

Necklace: PreeBrulee

I die over these leggings.

 They are THE softest material, and THE perfect amount of sparkle.

The photos above don’t really do them justice because of the lighting, 

but this one does a pretty good job.

My sister, brother in law, Kyle and I hopped in the car on the morning of Christmas Eve 

and all headed over to my parents house!

We got there around noon and snacked on all of moms delicious brunch foods,

got caught up in each others lives and then it was time for… 


I have to say, my sister won the award for most creative/accurate gift.

HA, definitely wasn’t expecting to unwrap the “shitfaced/poop swirl/shithead” emoji.

Does anyone know what this emoji really means anyways? or is it just all of the above?

My parents definitely outdid themselves this Christmas [as they always do]

But forget about the gifts, I’m most grateful for family and the time we get to spend together.

After gifts, we had some delicious lunch and then headed to church together.

It was a perfect day spent celebrating Jesus’ birthday. 

Christmas Eve with “My Side”

I’m going to be completely honest and say that I’ve literally been dying to wear this coat again.

It couldn’t be any more fabulous, Kyle got me another [identical] one in cream for Christmas!!

I’m sure I’ll be doing a post wearing that one very, very soon.

Coat: Xenia

Sweater: Necessary Clothing [similar]

Skirt: Tobi [similar]

Tights: walmart

Booties: DSW

Scarf: ShopMCE 

Bag: Ross

Kyle and I headed over to my parents around noon on Christmas Eve!

We got there and all opened presents, and then left for lunch at Perrys.

At lunch I decided to get something I haven’t had in FOREVER.

It was definitely a good decision, my mouths watering just looking at this picture.

Bar B Q Stuffed Baked Potatos are DAYUM GOOD y’all.

After stuffing ourselves 

we went back to the house to try and sleep off our food coma before church.

(and to take some selfies of course)

We all had a little nap then headed off to church!

All of us!

My sister and I with our sweet Mamaw.

We had such an awesome Christmas Eve, 

Kyle and I sure are blessed with some amazing families.